Monday, December 5, 2011

Forrest's Birthday Week

Hi to all!! I sit here trying not to sneak a little cat nap at my desk---I have started on the Hunger Games, as suggested by my bff Farrah and I can't quit reading which means I am also not sleeping!!! I'm pretty sure if I stop reading, something bad will happen, so it is all up to me!!!
During the times when my nose wasn't stuck in a book (kindle), I was busy celebrating Forrest's 27th birthday last week! Hooray! Don't you just love birthdays? It is the only day of the year reserved JUST FOR YOU!! (well, I personally reserve a month, but you know). Forrest isn't that big into bdays but I am so I tried to make his extra special. We had a yummy dinner with his parents on Tuesday night and he got some great gifts. Now that he is transitioning out of school where he wears scrubs all day to working (where he probably will still wear scrubs all day), he really needs some "grown up clothes" for meetings and events, etc. To that end, I have told EVERYONE who will listen to please buy Forrest clothes for his birthday and Christmas, and so far they have not disappointed!
We continued the celebration on Friday night at Cocina Superior with several of his best fraternity friends. He had the BEST time reuniting with all the guys this summer at all the Lambda Chi weddings and I thought it would be great fun to get them all together again for a little birthday dinner. It meant so much to him (and to me) that everyone drove up (or down) just to celebrate with us!!! Dinner was great, as were the mango mojitos (oh my) and of course we laughed and told stories all night!!!

Attempting to get a pic of Forrest and his cookie cake. People kept making him laugh!

Our party group, minus Jess and Brittany, who had to leave early.
On Saturday Forrest and I just spent the day together getting things done. Maybe it sounds silly, but I sometimes feel like we hardly see each other any more! We have been busy lately after work and school so a day together was very nice! We didn't do anything grand, we picked up some gifts in Boaz (along with a tasty dip cone--yum), found him a gorgeous gray camel hair jacket, and got our Christmas tree!!! After putting the tree up we watched one of our favorite holiday movies: Last Holiday!! Forrest fell asleep half way though (he had been at a dental seminar all Friday and half of Saturday--can you blame him?) so we need to plan an night to finish it and decorate the tree!

We moved the tree to the den this year. The cats are very interested in it!! More to come on that later!
Sunday was also a nice day for us. We got Chinese after church (a rare treat!) and while Forrest studied Farrah and I went to Claire's Christmas Shower. She got SO many gifts---I can't wait to borrow most of them!!! :) I am so excited that her wedding festivities are starting up! After a quick power nap, we headed to my parents for dinner and to watch the BCS bowl game reveal. Bama is number 2 and headed to the National Championship for the 2nd time in 3 years! Woohoo!!! We couldn't be more proud of our team!! We want to go to the game soooooo badly (especially since it is right after my bday!) so we are currently trying to find a way to make that happen. Anyone have a hook up???? :)
I also wanted to mention that we were invited to eat dinner at our new neighbors' house on Thursday. They are Indian and made us the most delicious meal of Indian dishes!!! We had way way way too much fun and we will definitely be doing it again soon. Thanks so much for having us!! The sweetest thing about them is that they LOVE Sonny!!! He likes to play in their yard and they always have treats for him. We appreciate them putting up with our boy!!
Hope you all have a fun week of Christmas parties ahead!!!!

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