Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Well, the holidays are upon us, and that means Christmas parties!!! Last week between the 2 of us, we had 5! Tuesday was the Gadsden Service Guild party, which was so much fun and a great way to honor our past presidents. Our VP Amy hosted the first annual event and it was a huge success! Then on Wednesday Forrest attended a surprise birthday party for his friend Timothy. I hated to miss it but the logistics of getting to Birmingham didn't work out so Forrest had to go solo. Timothy is such a good friend and I'm so glad he enjoyed his birthday! Thursday was the Etowah County Bar Christmas Party. We had a blast at this party every year. John Jennings, a local attorney, hosts it at his home and despite the orange and blue decor (haha) it is the perfect spot to celebrate. We were some of the last ones to leave but that was ok, because Forrest had Friday off! Hooray! On Friday we had dinner at Jonathan and Denise's, which was fun as always. The week seemed to have tired most of us out though, so we didn't stay too late.
Saturday was a BIG day for us! Sonny and Forrest entered the Reindeer Run, a 5K run benefiting the Humane Society where we got Ruffles. As Ruff is not made for speed (and neither am I) she and I went to cheer on our boys. The event was lovely, with lots of snacks for people AND dogs! Forrest is a great runner but hasn't been running lately because of the cold and since it is dark when he gets home, so he was a little rusty. There were a lot of experienced looking runners so I didn't really expect them to win or anything, I mean, we were just there for fun! I really figured they would just do "ok" when the race began and Sonny seemed more interested in sniffing out the competition. Oh well. Ruffles got lots of love and attention from her Humane Society friends while we waited for our boys to cross the finish line. A couple of "serious" runners rounded the corner as the winners and right when I started to wonder how long it would take Forrest to finish, there they were! Sonny and Forrest were racing around the corner heading to the finish line, neck and neck with a lady and her giant dog Apollo. Well, the crowd went wild! I had told everyone Sonny's name so we were all cheering "GO SONNY GO"!!! He pranced and pranced as they crossed the finish line!!! Sonny was the first dog to finish and Forrest won 1st place in his age division! Hooray!! We were all so proud!! It was a GREAT event and I can't wait until they get to do it again next year. Maybe I will have to try it out myself!

Sonny ready to run!

And off they go!

Crossing the finish line!!!


After receiving their medal!!

I found Sonny on the bed that night--he was all tuckered out!!
After the race we had to head back home to get ready to host our Young Marrieds Christmas Party. I have so enjoyed being a part of this group--they are all so nice and fun! I was doing a "soup supper" and made my taco soup and a new crock pot potato soup. This made it so easy to cook since I basically only had to worry about one soup. I had garlic bread for the potato and chips for the taco, and everyone else brought appetizers and desserts. We had a blast! We watched the Heisman Trophy presentation until Trent Richardson didn't win and then told stories, some funny and some SCARY (thanks Matt, I may never sleep again) until it was time to go.
On Sunday, we got lots of texts alerting us to the fact that Sonny and Forrest were in the paper! Check our their pic!

We had lunch with Forrest's parents and I got my first look at the head board Forrest is making me. It looks fantastic!!! He brought it home for the final touches and I can't wait to show it to you!!! My sister brought her doggie Maggie over for a play date with Sonny, and as usual, we had a crowd of dogs by the end!! We are such the cool dog hang out!!! After MMM left I decided it was time to start my holiday baking. I found several recipes I wanted to try and set out to begin my most favorite looking one: White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies. Well, they took me 2 hrs and they look terrible, although they taste great!!! I didn't have the energy to make any more so I have lots and lots of baking ahead of me this week!! I know that isn't anything I HAVE to do but it is fun and I want to do it!! We also had dinner at my parents' and helped decorate their tree. My sister was home but my brother wasn't and that was a little sad, but we were running out of available time to get it done, so we had to.
This is Forrest's last week of school before his break--yipee--and we have several more holiday gatherings before Christmas. I can't believe that it is so close. I have TONS of shopping to do and of course wrapping!! Tis the Season!!!

OH--and if you were wondering if the cats had calmed down about the tree...
That would be the tree skirt, NOT under the tree.

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