Wednesday, December 7, 2011

King of the Christmas Tree

One of my FAVORITE things about Christmas is the tree! I mean, it smells amazing, looks darling, and without it, it just doesn't feel like it's Christmas!! We picked up our tree on Saturday and because it had been tied up, I wanted to give it a few days to "settle". We decorated it Monday night and had the best time! I love pulling out the ornaments each year and reminiscing about each one. Some are funny (like my "Sonny" ornaments), some are sentimental (ones from our vacations), and others Forrest tries to hide (like the zebra purse one). Don't you think it looks grand?

Can you spot the 2 cats hiding under it?
This year we have encountered a slight problem involving the tree. We moved it from the living room to the den, since the piano took its place and I didn't like where we had it last year. I thought the den would be GREAT since we are in there the majority of the time and we could see it and smell it while we watch tv, eat, what have you. Well, when we brought it in the cats went nuts. They were very curious about it and kept creeping up to it and circling it, like they were casing it or something. (My mom says that maybe they think they are outside and my Uncle John thinks that the evergreen smell reminds them of catnip. I just think they want an excuse to act up!) Before too long they were FIGHTING each other for the tree! Stella has set up his base camp under the tree and if Brownie comes close, he ambushes her. Then they wrestle for a while and then they run circles around the tree and then go shooting out through the house. Brownie does the same thing when she finds herself alone with the tree. Yesterday, I thought the fighting had stopped because they were laying under it together. Then I heard a little "tink tink tink", and lo and behold, they were pulling ornaments off the tree and batting them to each other like soccer players. OMG. They have never done that. I can't even imagine what it looks like today. I have had to move all low hanging ornaments AND take off the tree skirt because they like to claw at in while wrestling each other. I'm pretty sure the solution to this problem is to put lots of presents under it so they can't hang out there any more. Then they will tear off the bows, though. Oh well, at least they are entertaining to watch!!! Merry Christmas!!
Circling it, trying to figure out what is going on!

A break in the action. They have also been pulling the cards off my card tree.

I'm so cute, you can't get mad!!

Brother did it!! Not me!!

Stella is about to pounce on Brownie. For real.

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