Monday, January 9, 2012

Cooking Club!!

Seriously? A cooking club?
Yes, that is what Forrest said to me when I bounded into the kitchen telling him about my new venture. If you had told me like, 3 years ago that I would be in a cooking club, I would have LAUGHED at you!! I ate at the sorority house in college and in law school I NEVER cooked. I would either heat up a lean cuisine, eat out OR my mom would cook extra and freeze it for me so I could just defrost! I never had any reason to cook up until we got married. To tell you the truth, I was a little scared about it, although all the cool cooking wedding gifts helped! Now I LOVE to cook! I am not the best cook ever nor do I think I do anything superb in the kitchen, but I really enjoy trying out new recipes and tinkering around in the kitchen. My friend Jennifer emailed me last week about joining a blog cooking club and instantly I was excited. We are choosing recipes from the Pioneer Woman and making as many as we like during the month. That flexibility is great--sometimes I don't cook for weeks (like, the past few weeks, I think I have only made treats--no real food!) because we have things at night or have lots of things in the freezer. Then, we post our experience about them on our own blogs and link it to the club's site. What a great way to try something new!! Hope you enjoy the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club!

I have not told my brother about this, but I know he would make fun of me. He says I have turned into an old woman because I am in a book club AND I coupon. A cooking club will put him over the edge. Maybe at 28, I am an old woman now??? Whatever--I like what I like! :)

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