Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going and Doing

My mom told me the other day that Forrest and I "just go and do all the time". I think that is a good thing! This weekend, we definitely were "going and doing" the whole weekend. On Friday night we went to the Mayor's Ball at Convention Hall. It is a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club and this was our first year to attend. We were able to fill a table with our friends the Hayes, Carrs, and LeBlancs, but so many other friends were there too! We got to dress fancy and spend a fun night eating, drinking, and dancing to raise money for a great cause.
Girls at the Mayor's Ball, minus Kelly! So sad she got sick!
Julie, Farrah, Claire, Shannon, and Me

On Saturday I woke up in full alert mode: we were hosting a dinner party that night! I got several cook books for Christmas and many were set up into "party" sections--the author would group dishes together that you could serve at a specific party! Now granted, I didn't follow any of their party suggestions, but it did give me the idea that I wanted to try my hand at hosting a dinner party of my own! I decided that I would handle all of the food if everyone else would bring wine!! I actually started planning this weeks ago--I knew that planning would be the key to a successful party AND a calm hostess! I chose dishes that were not only yummy, but I made sure that I was able to make a few of them ahead of time so I wasn't running crazy on Saturday night. I mean, I did want to have fun with my guests! For appetizers, I made cucumber cups stuffed with homemade spicy crab dip and goat cheese and panceta stuffed mushrooms. I also had a spinach salad and garlic bread (I cheated with these--bagged salad and frozen bread), twice baked potatoes (Pioneer Woman, for cooking club), roasted tomatoes, and tenderloin with a Gorgonzola sauce. For dessert, I served a red velvet cheesecake that I have to admit, was to die for. (I will post my recipes soon). I think everyone enjoyed the food and the company and overall, I thought the night was a huge success! Jay and Daniel even brought their guitars and we ended up having a jam session/sing along until 1am! We are really lucky to have such sweet friends in town. I just don't know what we would do without them!
Table setting-I decided to sit 5 and 5, boys and girls, instead of 2 couples and 3 couples

My place setting! I  was so excited to use my formal china, silver, and crystal!

Appetizer table, minus the apps!

Jay serenading us. I wonder what helped him play for 3 whole hrs?

On Sunday we went to Mass and then out to lunch at Cracker Barrel with our Young Marrieds group. I am so happy that this group has been so successful. As usual, we had a great time hanging out! I wish I had taken a picture of all of us, but the food was so yummy it didn't even cross my mind! Once we got home, Forrest and I were exhausted!! Can you blame us??? We ended up taking a much needed LONG nap! That kind of messed us up though, since we ended up staying up later than usual Sunday night and were woken up by tornado sirens at 4am Monday morning (or else, I should say I woke up--Forrest didn't even roll over).

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