Tuesday, January 10, 2012


AGAIN!!! Oh we are SO proud of our team! ROLL TIDE!!! Forrest and I were sad that we didn't go, but I just could NOT justify the outrageous expense. Plus, I was planning on being a nervous wreck during the game. LSU is a great team and they are very fast and tough. I did NOT expect the 21-0 (zereaux--haha) finish!
We planned a party at my dad's house with all of our friends (well, the ones that didn't go to NOLA for the game). I wanted it to be NOLA themed, so I made a king cake, ordered beads, and Forrest made hurricanes (ick--I was not a fan). We had TONS of food and snacks (seriously, everyone that came brought something delicious) and parked ourselves in front of the tv for the game. I loved cheering and squealing with everyone throughout the game. We would even lead the whole party in group cheers! At the end, I felt like I had been playing that game--I was so exhausted! Forrest and I did drive by Academy to see the lines of people waiting for their championship t-shirts in the rain! I passed this time, but will be by there this afternoon! I SAID ITS GREAT TO BE FROM ALABAMA!!!!
Some of the party crew before the game

St. James friends!
Me, Brandon, Laura

Roll Tide, girls!!
Claire, Ellen, Farrah, Me, Sara, MMM

Chris and Davis. It was Chris's first NC!

Cute elephant that Joni brought

Traditional Victory picture!

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