Monday, February 6, 2012

February Fun

Who can believe it's February??? NOT me! Although, Christmas does seem like an eternity ago! Oh what a busy busy week we had! On Tuesday I had dinner with my mom and our friend Akiko at the Courtyard. We were very happily pleased with the specials that night as well as the new baked feta appetizer! Delish!!! On Wednesday We got to hang out with the Smiths and sweet Henry before having dinner at Justin and Farrah's. You would think we see them all the time since they are across the street, but really, during the week, we never really get a chance to hang out so this was a rare treat!! On Thursday night Forrest and I went to Young Leaders at the YMCA. They had several boys v. girls challenges and it was SO much fun! We did an obstacle course, scavenger hunt, and some other summer camp type games that really thrilled all of us old people! ;)
Then on Friday night we went with the Hayes to the 9 o' Clock Dance. This is one of the dance clubs in town, but it is different because it is a sit down meal! I have to admit though, the food was sub par, which was really disappointing. The fun we had with friends, however, was top notch!!
Sweet friends at 9 o' Clock
Alie, Me, Farrah, Kelly, Holly

They Hayes in the lead out! :)

Saturday was kind of a random conglomeration of events but it turned out to be a really fun day! I was battling my 2nd cold of the year but I felt well enough to organize and clean out my kitchen cabinets. Fun, right? For me, this actually was fun!!! Forrest was busy around the house as well for most of the afternoon. Forrest picked us up some delicious sandwiches from Rivertown Cafe. We often forget about this place but I hope we won't again--it was SO good!!!
That afternoon, I met my mom to go meet Trent Richardson, Bama's awesome running back that is going pro. We had VIP passes so we were able to skip the line, get our pics taken, and head back out of the madness. There were so many people there showing there support!
Roy Upchurch (former Bama player, Me, and Trent Richardson!

We went to Mass at 4 and then later that evening, went with Justin and Farrah to meet some friends at the Tavern for Trey's 40th birthday party. It was a nice party but the smokiness of the bar combined with my cold did not make me a very happy girl.
Trey's hilarious cake!!!

We left after singing "Happy Birthday" and headed over to the grand opening of Back 40 Brewery. We are so excited and proud that Gadsden is home to such a cool business! We were amazed at how clean and professional everything was and honestly, I couldn't get over the fact that we were in a brewery, in Gadsden!! If you don't know anything about Back 40, definitely check it out!! They make Naked Pig and Truck Stop Honey, if you know those beers. I don't like beer but even so, it was really cool to get to tour the facility. Forrest and Justin enjoyed sampling the different beers, of course!
Isn't the brewery awesome???!!!

After that, the four of us and Jay and Claire went to the Courtyard for dinner. By this time I was feeling really terrible but we still had a fun time and a good meal!!
On Sunday I was a sad little sick girl. Forrest tried to get me out of the house by taking us for a Sunday drive. We like to ride around looking at houses, not necessarily to buy, but just, to see! We used to do that in Ttown and I am glad we still take time to do that now that we are here and settled. By lunchtime I just wasn't feeling it so we headed back home. Forrest was able to go on a 30 mile ride while I stayed home and napped and watched tv. I was able to go to the grocery store but I was feeling so terrible I was convinced I had the flu!!! That didn't stop us from going to my parents' to watch the Super Bowl. I really didn't care about the game, to be quite honest. First of all, we don't really watch pro football, and I didn't have a preference of team that I wanted to win. (I usually cheer against the Mannings since they beat us in college, but I also am no fan of quarterbacks who leave their pregnant girlfriends for supermodels.) I ended up "being" for the Patriots because they had some Bama players on their team, but I didn't really care when they lost. Oh well. Football is officially over!!!
Today I woke up feeling 1000% times better! Hooray! That is a good thing because this week is going to be crazy, but fun too! Stick around!!!

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