Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Happy Years

I hate to say it but the fact that Forrest and I have been together totally snuck up on me! I was telling Forrest about Farrah being at her school's prom (she organized it, bless her soul) and then we saw some boys in tuxes standing outside of their limo in the mall parking lot surrounded by cops, alcohol bottles, and puddles (busted) and we got to talking about when we went to prom together and I was like "OMG--that was like, 10 years ago, TODAY!" Forrest was thinking that it was in April so at least one of us had the milestone on our radar! This just goes to show how crazy things are with us right now, and of course, this weekend was no exception! On Friday night we went with our Young Marrieds group to the Fish Market in observance of Lent. As usual, we had a great time with this group!
Eloise came and was a perfect angel!!

On Saturday we were busy bees!! While Forrest worked on our yard, which is rapidly turning green (hooray!), I went to a shower for my sweet friend Ellen Cornutt. It was at the Coffee Well and I must say it was an excellent venue! I will have to remember that for the future! I had a great time seeing old friends and catching up while celebrating Ellen!
My mom did the flowers--aren't they cool!?

Shower swag!

Another one of Mom's arrangements

Bridesmaids with the bride!! She even delivered our bridesmaids dresses, which are too cute!
Kelly, Me, Ellen, Jordan, Claire

"Young girls" at the shower
Mind you, I'm like 4 years older than the oldest "young girl", so what does that actually make me?

My mom, me, and Aunt Sue
They were hostesses and I wanted a pic of us together since we were all dressed up!

That afternoon Forrest and I took Sonny and Ruffles to a birthday party--a DOGGIE birthday party for Paddington Clemens (my friend Alana's dog). Alana and Ryan were staying with Alana's mom to celebrate the occasion, and I was SUPER glad to see them because they will be moving to NY this summer! I am going to miss Alana so much!!! We had a really fun time celebrating Paddington with treats, games, and FABULOUS weather!! The pics below tell the story better than I can!!
Alana's table and decorations

Ruff modeling her cute party hat

The birthday dog!

Me and Forrest with sweet Ruffles

Despite the fact that I look oddly surprised, I thought this was sort of cute

Going to town on her Frosty Paws doggie ice cream!

Sonny loved it so much he tried to eat the carton

Susan, me, Paige, and Alana

So happy to be at their first party!

We played bocce ball outside since the weather was nice. This was not the best idea, with all the dogs around. Ruffles kept trying to fight the balls and Sonny kept trying to retrieve them!!

That evening after Mass, Forrest and I decided to spend the evening at home, just us. We ordered pizza and rented a movie (50/50--very sweet) and just enjoyed our time together!! Since we tend to run around a lot, this evening at home was the perfect way to celebrate 10 years!!
On Sunday we went to church in Duck Springs before eating lunch with the Baileys at Los Arcos. We were sad to be attending the funeral of Mrs. Bailey's dear friend, Annette Turner, that afternoon. The Turners were close family friends of the Bailey's and their son Andrew was in the fraternity with Forrest (he also went to Episcopal Day School with my brother--small world). Sweet Annette fought a tough fight with cancer for 8 years and while we were saddened by her passing, we were glad to celebrate her life and all of the wonderful things she had accomplished. The music was very fitting and reminded all of us not to worry about her, because she was dancing in heaven! I really liked thinking about death in that positive way, even on such a solemn occasion.
Neither Forrest nor I was feeling really well after the funeral so we went home and took a power nap, which helped a lot! I was able to get a store run in while Forrest finished up in the yard. We also got to play with the Gandhis and Rio while they were out for their walk! I am so glad we have gotten to know them, as they are really terrific friends and wonderful people!! I hope they stay in Gadsden forever!!!
We rounded out the evening at my parents' house for dinner, and got to see all the work my dad has done in his new raised garden. I can't wait to see what he is able to grow!!!
Have a great week!!!

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  1. So cute! Love the pics from the shower. Also, I'm pretty sure that's the cutest dog party I've seen!


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