Friday, March 23, 2012

Girlfriend Gala

Last night was the Girlfriend Gala!! This year Farrah and I were set to be co-decorators again. You may remember that last year, for our first ever attempt at being table decorators, we pulled off this adorable number:
Tinis and Tiaras

This year, the over all theme was Wild About Girlfriends so we of course were going with a wild animal theme. I instantly "called" elephants, red, white, and houndstooth at the initial meeting (you have to choose a theme early because no two tables are supposed to be alike) but I didn't have a title, which was fine. One day I got a text from the table decorator coordinator saying she had come up with the perfect theme for our Bama table: King of the Jungle. It was BRILLIANT!!! We could have a subtle Bama theme yet stay classy and elegant. Of course, that loss we suffered to LSU in November made the theme slightly questionable, I mean, if we didn't win the championship, we couldn't call ourselves the kings!! THANKFULLY, we pulled it out and we got to stick with our original idea (yea, I am sure while the guys were our there beating LSU to a pulp in the championship game they were thinking "we gotta win this for Catherine and Farrah--they just CAN"T change their table theme!). Once we got it all put together, I thought it was magnificent! See for yourself!!!
We didn't want it to be tacky Alabama, so we went for subtle and elegant.

We wanted it to look like the elephant was running through our beautiful jungle

At each place setting we had a silver charge, gift for each girlfriend (elephant necklace!) and wine glass decorated by Claire!

Here are some of my favorite tables:
Alie's Wild Orchid table

Kendall's Fins Up table

Kelli and Holly's table


Twilight table, complete with life size Edward

The night of the gala was super fun, as usual. We got to wander around chatting with EVERYONE (because seriously EVERYONE you know is at the gala) and checking out the tables, eating passed appetizers and sipping on delicious jungle juice. Then we all sat down at our table for dinner, catered by the Fish Market. Next, it was time to award door prizes and watch the African dance troupe--they were awesome! Over all it was a GREAT night out with the girls and we succeeded in raising TONS of money ($50000) for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library! I think we will be able to buy over 16,000 books! Hooray! Isn't that great, for a bunch of girls???? :)


They wore the same dress!

Some of our book club girlfriends

Shannon, Catherine, Kelly, Me, and Farrah

Me and Mom

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