Monday, March 5, 2012


Can you believe it is already MARCH!!! We welcomed the new month with open arms and lots and lots to do!   Forrest was doing a rotation at Quality of Life in Hokes Bluff so he was actually in town all week long! We got a nice little sneak peek into how it will be once he is working in town full time! I have to say it was so nice to have him home by 5 and even nicer to be able to have lunch together during the week!! It was a nice break from our every day routine, and I know he enjoyed not having to drive to Birmingham! On Tuesday night I had Service Guild. Then on Wednesday, we went with the Smiths for a "dental dinner" at the Fish Market. On Thursday night I had a Bar meeting and then went with Julie, Laura, Kendall, and Rachel to Old Mexico for some girl time. While it was a fun week, getting home late every night of the week really tired me out!! There was no rest for the weary Baileys, however, over the weekend! Forrest spent Friday at Southside Elementary School talking to the K5 students about dental care. He had a super cute presentation that I wish I could have seen him do in front of the 110 kids!! I was in Birmingham (we swapped locations that day!) for a Municipal seminar that is required for Municipal Judges. I had to be there at 8am (ugh) but Justin was there too so at least I had a friend. The worrisome part was that bad weather was predicted all day long. Luckily, the seminar gave us full credit even though we got to leave early. I was home in time to take a quick nap (I don't do 6:30 am well) and get back to the office to finish up a few things. While I was there we all got a surprise: a visit from Dre Kirkpatrick! Dre was our summer rummer before he went to UA to play football. Now he is entering the NFL Draft and we just know he will do so well!! Go Dre!!!
Hooray for Dre!
Isn't he tall? I'm in flats here!

After the excitement at work I headed home to get ready for the evening. We were attending the Kidney Foundation $20,000 Give Away with the Smiths, Hayes, and Gandhis!! We payed careful attention to the weather and realized that the bad storms weren't coming until much later, so we decided that it would be safe to attend the party, for at least a little while. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE reverse drawings? I was the only one at the table that into it, but I so enjoyed crossing off each name from the list of tickets. Slowly but surely, we all got drawn one by one. The Gandhis, however, made it into the last 50 tickets!! We were planning a great trip to Spain right when their number got drawn. BOOOOOO!!!!

On Saturday Forrest and I were both up early (relatively speaking for me, of course) in effort to get our house ready for our first house guests! Deborah and Randi had spent the weekend with me once but it was really different to have a couple staying! Since I had the time, I was prepared to go all out! Check out pics below and recipes in the following post!!!
Kitchen table flowers: floating camellias!

I turned my butler's pantry into a coffee bar since Justin and Caroline like coffee! Forrest bought us a new Keurig coffee maker for the occasion!

I wanted their room to feel "springy" so I brought some daffodils from my parent's yard...

...and then created this spiky arrangement myself!

Justin (who we all call Brodie because he looks a lot like Brodie Croyle) and his LOVELY girlfriend Caroline arrived around 5:30 and brought us a bottle of wine and a super cool bottle topper that looks like an old door knob. I am sure it is my favorite one yet!! I had snacks and drinks ready when they got there and we all caught up before the Hayes picked us up and we all rode in one car to the party. We were slightly cramped but the party was 2 streets away, so it made for a fun but thankfully short journey!! The party was at the Spencer's house and really was a lot of fun!! Forrest and I are so honored to both be a part of Jay and Claire's (Clay and Jerr--haha)  special day!
Bridesmaids with the bride!
Katy, me, Ellen, Claire, Emily, Kate Downing, Nicole

Farrah, Claire, and Me

Tom, Justin, Jay, Joseph, Justin, and Forrest

Afterwards, we all headed to Club TBLTT for the after party. You can never go wrong with a party at Tom and Frances'!! We sang, danced, and over all had a blast!!
Celebrating Jay and Claire with our house guests, Caroline and Justin, at TBLTT

Luckily I had been to Mass the night before because we were all SO tired on Sunday after such a fun but late night!!! That morning we had breakfast together, and Jay even came! It was a great excuse to make some of my favorite breakfast foods: muffins, breakfast casserole, and waffles! (Well, Forrest made the waffles). I really had a fun time playing hostess and we can't wait for Justin and Caroline to come and stay with us again for more Jay and Claire fun!!
Ruffles and her new bff, Justin, at breakfast!

While Forrest went with Julie and Lance to visit a dental office (sorry to bail on you guys), I spent the afternoon cleaning up, napping, watching a movie, and grocery shopping. I hate to say it but it was a terrific Sunday afternoon! We had dinner with my parents as usual and then went home early for some rest! This is going to be another busy week but it should be a pretty calm weekend! Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine where ever you are!!!

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