Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paws for a Cause

A few weeks ago we attended the Humane Society's annual charity event, the Paw for a Cause Charity Auction. I was chosen to be on the board this year and I was SUPER excited to be apart of an event that means so much to us. If you remember, we got Ruffles at the auction 2 years ago!!! In addition, Ruffles was asked last year to be the "Featured Success Story" so she got to come to the event this year and be presented. I was THRILLED!!! I have been anticipating this for an entire year!!! The event was right before St. Patrick's Day so it was a green theme. I wanted so badly for Ruff to have a cute little outfit or tutu and maybe a princess crown (Forrest was UNIMPRESSED with this idea). However, I came to my senses because Ruff HATES things on her head and I didn't want her to be fidgeting with her outfit all night, so I opted to have her groomed, put a bow in her hair (this again was a long shot) and put a big green bow on her collar. Planet Doggiewood was AMAZING and donated her grooming. Although Ruff was a DIVA when I left her (that girl would NOT go into the cage to wait her turn--she had to run around the office like she owned the place), she looked SO beautiful!!! I know that sounds silly to say about a dog, but really, she usually looks so shaggy and ruffly, and after her groom, she looked absolutely lovely!!! (I took several of these photos off of Lisa Nail's facebook page. She was so sweet to photograph Ruffles and the entire event!)
See!!! Isn't she precious??

"Ok, enough with the pics"

Ruffles and I got to Convention Hall early and boy was she excited. Everyone was oooing and ahhing at her and she got over her jitters right away once she realized that everyone there wanted to love on her. Ruff's "job" was to solicit donations for the "Feed the Pets" game. We walked around with a lady and a hat and Ruf would "beg" (she can stand on her hind legs and dance--very cool) for money. All of the money in the hat was auctioned off at the end of the night! She was great at this job and earned lots of money!! Everyone was petting her and feeding her little treats and showering her with attention and OMG--she was eating it all up!!!
Snagging a treat!

After her "shift" we got to sit at our table to eat. The Hayes, Smiths, and Gandhis all came to support the Humane Society and Ruffles! The Hayes and Gandhis (also Merit Circle residents) each have Humane Society dogs too!!! Ruffles was very good while we ate and was rewarded by people in the food line--they were all handing her little bites as they followed the buffet! She ate everything, from feta cheese, noodles, chicken, rolls, and even roasted veggies!!! I turned around at one point to see her on her hind legs walking down the buffet line with the guests. Too funny!
Being a good girl

Once we were finished eating Ruffles and I had to go back stage to be announced. She was the success story of the emergency care fund--the one they use when dogs come to them that are in really bad shape. When they found Ruffles, she was in an abandoned house with lots of other dogs. It was full of scabes and she had mange and numerous other problems. That is how she got her original name "Ruffie" (you know I had to give her a proper name once I got her!) They called us out on stage and Ruff got a little nervous. Then when everyone started clapping and cheering for her (who clearly made a huge transformation from pound puppy to beautiful lady), I swear to you, that dog posed, just like she was in the pageant. She would stop and look at the crowd, then take a little prance, stop, look over her shoulder, and then prance some more!!! The announcer even said "Work it girl!!!" to her! It was so cute!!!
Strike a pose!!

Awful action shot of me, but here she is posing again!!

She got to prance through the crowd while they introduced the new ambassador for the shelter, Jonz. Poor thing was found chained up with his tail and ears chopped off. He made a full recovery and is now helping the shelter raise awareness in the community.
Unfortunate Jonz!! Not so unfortunate any more!

The event raised TONS of money and I was SO glad to have been a part of such a worthwhile cause that means the word to my family!!! Thank you for everyone who supported us!!!
Me and my sweet girl!

The girls, minus Mamatha!! She had to go let sweet Rio out! :)

PS-Ruff was also in the paper the next day!!!

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