Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break

Well, it was Forrest's spring break at least. His LAST spring break ever!! To take full advantage, he went with his cousin Logan to Colorado to ski! Forrest loves to ski and is really good at it! I am not that big of a fan so I opted to stay here where it was 80 degrees and have a weekend of "me" time! I took the boys to the airport in Birmingham and was able to stop by and see my granddaddy on the way home. He is doing much better after his surgery--thank you all for your prayers and concern! It was good to see him and hang out with my grandmother and Aunt Fran as well! Next on the agenda was dinner at the Courtyard with my parents and sister. MMM had just gotten home from her own spring break at the beach AND she had done her model shoot that morning for B Metro Magazine. Thanks again for voting on her fashion week picture and helping her earn the shoot!!! We had a lovely lovely lovely family dinner. Afterwards, it was movie time for me! I had rented several DVDs and was determined to squeeze in as many chic flicks as possible while Forrest was gone! I managed to watch Jane Eyre before falling asleep on Friday night and then on Saturday I watched both the old and new Footloose movies, just for comparison! I am a tiny bit ashamed that I didn't take advantage of the beautiful weather on Saturday but a lazy day was just what I needed! I did un-lazy enough to go to Mass and get myself ready for the Highlander's Ball. Forrest and I were chosen as new members this year and so were Justin and Farrah. I couldn't let a good party go by the wayside just because he wasn't there, so I went with the Hayes and Jay and Claire. First, Farrah cooked us a delicious dinner of beef tips and some brussel sprouts, which I had never had before. Yummy!!!

Justin showing off his kilt and Jay showing off his kilt koozie. All of the male members of Highlanders wear kilts to the party.


Afterwards it was time to head to the Club for the party. I was esctatic to find out that 2nd Coming, the band from our wedding, was playing that night! Instantly I knew I had worn the wrong shoes but I was ready to dance the night away with the girls!!!
During the lead out. 

On Sunday I redeemed my lazy self by going to the lake with my dad, Sonny, and Buddy. Dad fished while I soaked up some sun, read my book, and threw the tennis ball to Sonny about 100 times. That dog LOVES the lake so much!!!
One happy dog in the water!!!

He noticed this huge branch in the water and wouldn't rest until he had it safely on shore. It was longer than him!

One happy (and dirty) boy!!

He ran up and down the dock bringing me that ball ALL afternoon!

Dad and Buddy reeling in a big one!! (Well, the largest of the day)

Then we had dinner at Mom and Dad's as usual and I stayed late talking to Mom and MMM about funny stories from years ago!!
Forrest  had a blast skiing!!! Here are some pics to prove it!!!!

Forrest at Uncle Tommy and gang at Breckenridge. Forrest is on the right in the red. Notice the black diamond sign behind them. 

View from top of A Basin. Forrest skied over 80,000 vertical feet while he was out there!

View of Lake Dillon from Keystone. Magnificent!!

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