Friday, March 23, 2012


We are SO happy that it is spring!!! Spring for us means long walks before dinner, opening the windows during the evenings, going to the lake, and so much more! Here is a look at all of the "spring" going on around our house!!!
I made this spring-y wreath! I got really motivated while looking on Pinterest one day and decided I could totally make this. I did, but it is definitely "Monet", meaning it looks much better from far away. After spray gluing moss to my kitchen table, I think I will just buy things from now on!!
Pre-tulips, I caught this rascal (Sullivan-the neighbors' dog) in the flower bed!!!

My tulips!!! I think they are divine. Forrest planted them last winter and we were really surprised they came up so quickly! We are going to dig up the bulbs and put them in a collar formation behind the pansies for next spring. 

Minus the trash can in the yard, I think the house is looking grand!!!
Sonny sharing a stick with his new buddy Rio!
Loving all of the dogwoods!!

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