Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!!

I am SO TIRED today!!! We had a fun and busy week and THEN we had Easter weekend and this girl is exhausted from way too much fun. I am pretty sure it should be illegal to force people to go to work (court, no less) the morning after a holiday!! Poor Forrest had to hit the road early to get to school too---no fun! Sometimes we need a weekend from our weekend!!! Last week was full of fun after work and school. On Monday we went to my dad's for his annual NCAA basketball tournament party. It is usually lots of lawyers and work friends so it is always fun for me. I usually end up watching Dancing with the Stars with my mom upstairs, though, since we don't really care about basket ball, and this year was no exception. That night we got to meet Hannah, Forrest's cousin from England! She was in town with her family and Davis brought her to the party and she joined mom and I upstairs. We had the best time chatting with her!!
Then on Tuesday night Forrest stayed late at school to finish up some work and I went to book club at Brandi's. She went ALL out and had Hunger Games themed food. I was starving so I helped myself to plenty of Prim's cheese, roasted squirrel (chicken!!), and nightlock berries!!! We had too too much fun, as usual!! I just love my book club girls!!!
Brandi's spread!

Wednesday I was supposed to go to Birmingham to meet the Pioneer Woman with my cooking club group (we exclusively cook from her recipes) but after a long week of trial negotiations I was just too tired to drive all that way alone. It was nice to stay home and rest but I hate that I had to miss out on a fun evening! On Thursday night Forrest went to Justin's fundraiser---he is running for District Judge!!! He had a really fun shindig and we hated to leave early but we also had YLS that night at the brewery. They had a tour planned for us as well as lots of free beer and pizza. Once I got home that evening I made a pistachio cake for Saturday before calling it a night!!!
When I got home on Friday I got right to work in the kitchen. I made a HUGE pasta salad as well as a red velvet cheese ball to take with us to Selma the next day. Then, that evening we went to my parents to have dinner with my family. My brother and sister were both home and we wanted to have a fun family dinner. After hanging with the fam, we picked up the Hayes and went to our friend Lisa's cupcakes and cocktails baby shower. Lisa is due in May and couldn't look any cuter. We can't wait for little Collier to arrive!!!
On Saturday we began the grand tour of the State of Alabama for Easter. I loaded up my grub and we headed down to Selma for Davis. They were having a get together for the family from England so the whole family could meet them. It was a wonderful event and I was thrilled that everyone loved my dishes!!!We had great food, family, and fun all rolled into one afternoon!!
Me, Hannah, and Forrest

Once we got back home we were super tired so we laid down for a quick rest. I never fell asleep but Forrest slept until midnight!!! What did I do all that while? BAKED!!! I made 3 different desserts while he snoozed away. It took me 4 hours but I got it all accomplished!!
On Sunday we had a lovely time at church with my family and even got to sit with our friends Rachel and Isaac too! Then it was down to Birmingham for our traditional Italian Easter feast!! While everyone is always excited about the food, it is the desserts that people care the most about, as usually everyone gives up sweets for Lent!!!
Easter treats!!!

Forrest and I tried to maintain control as the plates and trays of desserts kept coming out of the fridge!! Once we got home I never even ate again, I was that stuffed! I did have a nice walk with Mamatha and got to play the piano and read while Forrest did some homework (boo--won't it be nice when he doesn't have that any more?). Despite the restful evening I am still all tuckered out today!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter filled with food and family! Jesus Christ is risen today!!!!
Easter baskets at my parents' house

Forrest and his chocolate trout!
Flowers blooming at our mailbox. SO lovely!!

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