Monday, April 23, 2012

Low Key

This weekend was looooooooow key (well, for me anyway) which is just what I have needed after some pretty busy weeks! I will say that we have been having wonderful weather and so last week we were able to take some lovely walks after work! Of course, today it is freezing but hopefully this will be the final cold snap of the year!!
This past Friday Forrest headed down to the beach with some guys for Jay's bachelor party. He was looking forward to some fun in the sun but it turned out to be a rainy weekend! They did have a good time, even if it meant playing golf in the rain!! While Forrest was gone I was determined to have a relaxing weekend full of "me time", and that is just what I did! Justin was gone as well so Farrah and I went together to the Regency ball on Friday night. I love this dance because they serve breakfast at the end!!
Regency is a black and white ball and the members get to wear crowns! Fun!

On Saturday I got a little work done and then had lunch with my parents. I also did all of my usual Sunday errands early and got to take an afternoon nap! Ahhhh, it's the small things, isn't it?? After Mass I went with the Gandhis to eat dinner at the LeBlancs. It was so sweet for them to let me tag along since I was solo all weekend. We had a great bbq dinner and I enjoyed hearing them talk baby!! I didn't take one single picture but that is probably because I was using my hands either to shovel lots of Shannon's delicious dip into my mouth or to play with precious Eloise!!
On Sunday I was a laaaaazy girl!! I got to sleep in and lounge around all day! I did find the energy to go see The Lucky One with my sister and Julie, and to eat dinner with my parents, but other than that I was less than productive.
Sorry for such a lame post, but stay tuned for more fun!!

Stella (my boy cat) really wanted to be on the bachelor party, apparently. I kept finding him sleeping on Forrest's cooler in the basement!

Nerd alert!! My sweet mom made these periodic table cupcakes for her AP Chemistry class! I thought they were adorable!


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