Friday, May 25, 2012

May Catch Up

Did you think I had abandoned you??? Sorry for my hiatus but I have had FOOD POISONING!! OMG it was zero fun. I apparently got it from ground turkey that I used to make tacos on Monday night. It didn't take very long before the sickness set in and on top of me being sick, Ruffles got sick too because she shared meat from my plate. I felt so terrible that Mamatha came over to check on me and she and Forrest tried to make me go to the hospital, but since Forrest reminded me that an IV was really just a big shot (clearly that backfired on him) I refused and stuck it out in bed with Ruffles all day Tuesday. I have to say my husband is TOP notch as a sick nurse! Of course I was bummed to be so sick but I was really unhappy because I had to miss a civil trial my dad was having AND we were supposed to have dinner at Jay and Claire's new house with several friends on Tuesday night and I had to miss that too! I HATE missing fun times! My sweet friends all entertained me via text so that helped! Anyway, I really don't want to linger on that subject anymore so I will try to give a quick recap of our last week and weekend! Last week was really fun and busy for me. On Tuesday night I had Sardis Court and then went to see my cousin Sara dance in her dance recital. She is the BEST dancer and I love to watch her! I can't believe she will be a senior in the fall!!
McCord girls!
Me, Sara, and MMM

Then on Wednesday Forrest and I met Julie and Lance for one of our "dental dinners" in Anniston at Classics on Noble. Everyone ordered the shrimp and grits, on of the 100 Things to Eat in Alabama Before You Die, and they did NOT disappoint!! Wednesday was also a special day for us because it was Forrest's LAST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER!!! Hooray! I remember that feeling and so I KNOW he was thrilled! He was like a different person on Thursday!! He will graduate in a little over a week and then he will be a working man! Our "daily" will be forever changed and I can't wait so see what lies ahead!!!
Thursday was a particularly fun day for me because I got to have lunch with Shannon and sweet baby Eloise and then dinner with all of my Gadsden Service Guild friends at Villa Fiesta. Then we went to visit Mamatha and Anu's new house! We are going to miss having them on Merit Circle terribly but they definitely needed a bigger house before the arrival of baby Adi!! Their house is brand new and totally amazing!!! I hope to go back next week and see it after they are all settled!
On Friday I was filmed for a promo video for United Way at the Back Forty Brewery. It was a little awkward but fun! I can't wait to see the finished product! I was so wiped out from getting home after 10 nearly every night that week, Forrest and I decided to take it easy by staying in, ordering pizza, and renting a movie (Bridesmaids--not a fun movie to have on your mind when you get food poisoning). It was the perfect  restful Friday!
On Saturday we loaded up the dogs and took them to Pawsapalooza, a fundraiser at the Humane Society. They have food, bands, vendors, and door prizes! Ruffles enjoyed seeing her shelter friends and Sonny of course enjoyed making new dog buddies. Forrest and Sonny left so Ruff and I could work the gate for a couple of hours before Mass.
Having a great time at the palooza!

 After that, we went to a shower for Claire and Jay at the Gadsden Museum of Art. There was a great crowd of all of their (and our!) friends there to celebrate their wedding, which is in less than a month!!
Me, Farrah, and Kelly

Me, Farrah, and Claire, the bride to be!!

On Sunday we went to the Baileys for a delicious lunch to celebrate Forrest's and his cousin Wyatt's graduations. Wyatt will graduate from Gadsden City High School next Friday and will be attending Alabama on a full scholarship! Congrats! Afterwards I got some quick shopping done with my mom and then Forrest and I headed to Birmingham to have dinner at the home of his bay leader (like, his group in dental school). They had a super cool pool and lot on the water and we enjoyed grilling out and hanging out with some of his closest classmates. Before heading back home we went to my grandmother's house to give her a little thank you gift for all of her support of Forrest during school. Forrest always stayed with Mimi if he had a late evening at school and she loved hosting him!
Whew---hopefully that brings you right up to speed! Thanks to all of you who have sent your congratulations to Forrest and your "get well soons" to me. We have the very best friends!!


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