Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We're Going to the Ship!!!

Before going to sleep in Rome, I decided not to set an alarm because our train wasn't until noon and I doubted that both of us would sleep in too late. Well, I was wrong. The phone rang and I was SO mad when I answered it and it was the front desk telling me that check out was at noon. I was like, uh, yeah, you told me that yesterday! Then I asked him what time it was, and he said 12:15!! Ooops!! I guess the jet lag and the whirlwind day in Rome really got to us! We threw on clothes and packed and went running to the train station. The good thing about the trains is that there generally are trains all day long to anywhere you want to go so I wasn't worried about getting to the port, but still, that kind of morning is zero fun! We jumped right on another train to the port and despite the fact that it was not an express train and it stopped every few minutes, we were happy to be on our way to the boat! Upon arriving at the station, we ran into another couple that was boarding our boat so we split a taxi with them that took us right up to the dock. When we checked in, we were handed a letter warning us about illnesses on board and how we had to make sure we weren't sick. That freaked me out, especially after spending 10 hours with air sick lady! Then we were issued our passenger cards (they have a bar code that they scan when you enter or exit the ship AND it has your pic stored in it--super cool! 
Our first glimpse of the boat!
When we decided to do a cruise we were thinking that it would be like our "Greyhound bus" to get us from place to place. We had no expectations about the boat at all, other than we wanted it to take us from place to place. Our expectations were truly blown away with the Holland America Eurodam! Everything was LOVELY! We spent the afternoon touring the boat and all it had to offer--pools, restaurants, spa, spacious decks, and even a casino! We  hung around the pool and then took the safety drill class before settling into our room. We had chosen "as you wish dining" which meant we could eat whenever we wanted. Upon reaching the dining room, we realized they were a little busy on the first night so we agreed to share a table with other guests since we were starving. We had a lovely meal from a sweet older couple who had been on the boat for 2 weeks! They started in Fort Lauderdale, make a 7 day crossing, then stopped in Portugal and a few places in Spain, and then picked us up in Rome! They were taking the rest of the cruise with us and then flying home. What an interesting 3 weeks I am sure they had!! After dinner we were super tired and just went back to the room to crash and get ready for our next day in Palermo, Sicily!!

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