Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 years

Yesterday, June 12, Forrest and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! My, how time flies! Forrest actually started the anniversary hoopla 3 weeks ago. When I got in the car one morning to head to work there was a bow and a note inside wishing me a happy anniversary and saying "I know you will like this". What? I got the car in December--what gives? Well when I turned on the car the radio was on XM. Hooray! When I got the car it had a free XM subscription but I didn't renew it because I was too cheap. Wasn't that thoughtful? The next weekend, when we returned home from his graduation, I found a package in the mailbox. It was my 2nd anniversary present--a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses! I wanted to get a pair for the cruise but I couldn't find the right ones. I apparently have a little face and so I needed the junior sized glasses and they were hard to locate! I gave up when we went on the cruise and forgot all about them until that night! So sweet!! I got the 3rd anniversary present on our actual anniversary--2 huge agapanthus plants. I have loved these plants ever since we saw them in LA and can't wait to have them in our yard!

My gift to Forrest was a giant framed map. We saw one like this at a friends house and thought it was super cool. The best part of the present was getting to put pins in all of the locations we have been together and making our "Must See" list for the future!

For our actual anniversary we decided to have dinner in Birmingham and Forrest really wanted to eat at Flip Burger. We passed it on the way to Pink Berry on his graduation day and I went on and on about how yummy it was, so we decided we would eat there to celebrate. It may not have been some grand gourmet eatery but MY OH MY was it delicious!!
Milk shakes! Krispy Creme and Nutella with burnt marshmallows

Lamb burger

Chorizo burger

Happy Anniversary !

Afterwards we walked around the Summit and Forrest even saved room for more Pink Berry. I think the best part of the night was driving back home and reflecting on our three years together. So much has happened and I am so grateful that God gave me Forrest to share it all with. I can't wait to see what the next three years holds!


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