Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy Baileys

Holy cow we were busy last week! I of course had to work but Forrest was a busy little bee at home! He can't  start working until he gets his license number in so he has had to wait for that since graduation. Lucky for me, he has been busy getting things done around the house! He has fixed our curtains, patched a hole we made in the wall when trying to hang a mirror, stained the deck, re-wired a light fixture, and the list goes on! I didn't know most of these things needed to be done but I know that once he starts working I will miss this handy man! Aside from all of that, we were busy almost every evening last week! I had book club on Tuesday which is ALWAYS fun and Forrest went on a ride with a biking group in town. Then on Wednesday we went with some friends to the Fish Market to celebrate Jay's birthday!
Happy Birthday Jay!

On Thursday night we went to Young Leaders at a new bar in town called Jakes. It is located in an old train station and is really cute! We had a great time and I even won "People Bingo"!! On Friday night we went with lots of friends to the Courtyard to hear Daniel play. I also had a cake delivered to celebrate Forrest's graduation! Surprise! It was a really fun night with great friends and good music! To top it all off, the weather was magnificent (and excuse me but where did it go? now it is all rainy and muggy!). Farrah took most of the pics from that night so I will have to rip some off of her facebook to show you soon!
The next morning we went with our Young Marrieds group canoeing down Terrapin Creek. Typically I am not an "outdoorsy" individual but this seemed easy enough and Forrest really likes things like this so I wanted to be a good sport. However, Farrah told me that once when she went down the creek a SNAKE fell from a tree into her canoe! OMG--NOT COOL! I worried and worried about this for weeks and really wanted to back out but I didn't want to let Forrest down, so I sucked it up. I am glad I did because we had a great time, with no snakes! The water was very slow moving and it didn't take much skill to make our way down the creek. Plus, we were with the LeBlancs and the Paynes so it was definitely fun!
Before heading down the creek. Don't I look outdoorsy in my hat (belonging to Farrah) and my water shoes?

After the 4 hour journey, we came back to town and had lunch at Pruetts. Afterwards I was EXHAUSTED so after a quick shower we hit the hay for a much needed recharge. That night we were going to celebrate Laura's 30th birthday so we couldn't be sleepy!

Our usual group shot

Me, Laura, and Rachel

The next morning after Mass we spent an amazing day at home, just watching movies, lounging, and playing with the dogs inside while it rained. After such a crazy week, we definitely needed that time to chill! We had dinner with my parents and my aunt and uncle came too to celebrate Forrest's graduation! It was really a fun night!!
So far there has been no rest for the weary this week. Last night Forrest and "the guys" went to see Prometheus 3d while the girls stayed at Julie's eating pizza and drinking wine! The rest of the week holds lots of fun events as well, culminating with Jay and Claire's wedding! Hope you are having a great week yourself!!

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