Monday, June 4, 2012

Paging Dr. Bailey

That's right!! Forrest is officially a dentist and we could not be more thrilled! We celebrated this momentous milestone with a very fun weekend! It started on Thursday night when Forrest attended his senior night at The Club. I wasn't able to go because he left during the work day but I hated to miss all of the fun, food and festivities! I did get to have a fun girls night with Farrah though. We got our toes done and had dinner--it was so nice to catch up! I feel like I haven't seen her in forever! On Friday night Forrest was a busy bee--he pressure washed and stained our deck! He is super good about getting projects like that done and I am always amazed at what he can do himself. We also had our friends Rachel and Isaac over for a cookout. I thought I was so on top of everything because I had done my grocery shopping on Wednesday and prepped as much as possible so all I had to do on Friday was make the burgers. Well, when I pulled the meat out of the fridge, it had turned brown. Forrest said this is because it got oxygenated but I was NOT about to chance it, not after food poisoning! Plus, I hadn't read the "sell by" date and it was 2 days over--NO WAY was I going to risk it. I had to go back to the store, throwing off my whole schedule, but it all turned out ok--no one got sick! :) I also decided last minute to try to make In N Out Burger's Animal sauce. I LOVE In N Out and when I found the recipe on pinterest that day I knew I had to try it! I must say it came out pretty well! I also made Mississippi Sin dip (slightly disappointing-it lacked something!), little ham and cheese appetizers, a fruit plate, and sangria. Rachel brought baked beans and a pina colada cheese cake which was super good! We had SUCH a fun time with them and I hope we can do it again soon! One particularly entertaining portion of the evening was when Ruffles sneaked into the kitchen, pulled a discarded burger out of the trash, and tried to hide it from us! She came creeping into the den with it in her mouth and I was SO mortified! That crazy girl!!
My little ham and cheese apps! So cute and tasty!

I picked these from OUR yard!! Forrest does such an amazing job with our plants!

I also made this delicious sangria. It was a cooking club recipe too!

Since Forrest was staining the deck, he moved our patio set into the carport. I think it looks cute and cafe-esque so I haven't let him move it back yet!

The next day was THE BIG DAY!!! Forrest and I headed down to Birmingham for his graduation--4 years in the making!! He had to be there 2 hours early so I passed the time by having lunch with Randi! We have missed 2 months of our usual lunch dates so it was great to be able to hang out with her. We ate at Bottega and thoroughly enjoyed it!!

After lunch I headed back to the Alyse Stephens Center for graduation. I got a great front row seat in the balcony which I thought would be excellent for taking pictures, but the lighting was so awful none of mine turned out well. The ceremony was truly wonderful and I got all weepy, surprisingly. Forrest has worked so hard while he has been in school. We were engaged during his first year and married for the last 3 and so he had to be a husband and a student. On top of that he drove back and forth to Birmingham for school EVERY DAY (that is 1 hour both ways) and I honestly can say he never complained about having to do it. Being able to see him walk across that stage and complete his goal was so amazing and I felt so so so proud!!!

Congrats!! You did it!!

Forrest with Dr. Lew Mitchell, one of his mentors. Dr. Lew was so sweet to come from Gadsden to see him graduate!

One proud little wife!!

Forrest and his coordinator, Miss LaTonya. 

Me and Amelia, thankful that our husbands are finished!!

Dr. Baxter and Dr. Bailey

Forrest with our friend Earl. Earl was on the Costa Rica mission trip with us !

After the ceremony we dropped off a present for my friend Jennifer and her husband Phillip who are going to be moving to South Carolina in a few weeks! I am going to miss her being close by but I am excited to have a fun new place to visit friends!! Next, we did just exactly what the doctor wanted--we ate at Pink Berry! Of course a dentist would celebrate graduation with sweets, right? I had never been and it was TOTALLY delicious!!
My amazing concoction: peanut butter and chocolate swirl ice cream with chocolate beads, brownie bites, and strawberries!

Happily celebrating!

Afterwards we went to Homewood Park for a surprise party for his classmate Griffin. I don't know Griffin very well but I know his story and he is a sweet friend to Forrest so we were happy to celebrate with him and his family. We were also excited to find out that my friend Clayton from high school and his wife were there as well. What a small world! We had a wonderful time celebrating with the Hornsby family! The weather was just right for a picnic as well!
Forrest and Susan and Paige! We will be celebrating their graduation next year!

Forrest and Griffin

When we got home that night, there was a balloon on the door with a sweet card from Justin and Farrah! How thoughtful! We really do have the greatest friends!!
OMG! You graduated!!

On Sunday we went to Mass and then had a celebratory lunch at the Bailey's. It was extra special because Forrest's grandmother had come to visit from Selma! After lunch we went home and took a much needed nap!!! :) That night we celebrated with my parents for dinner and afterwards I watched the Miss USA pageant with my sister. It was SUPER nerve wracking because she is the 1st Runner Up to Miss Alabama USA and if she had won Miss USA, MMM would have had to decide if she wanted to accept the title of Miss Alabama USA or decline it so she could compete again! She was SO nervous!! Plus, she is friends with Kathryn, the current Miss Alabama USA, and she wanted her to do well (which she did!). It was a night full of many emotions!!
I just want to give a shout out to all of our family and friends who have encouraged and supported us while Forrest was in school. We appreciate all of the prayers, love, and understanding we experienced from you during his time in school! I hope that we can be as wonderful to you as you have been to us, and I hope you will continue to support him as he enters his profession!


  1. Congrats Congrats Dr. Bailey! Hard work indeed! Can't wait till ya'll open up that office! :-) Ya'll gonna be able to come to Laura's this weekend? Chris and I will be in town! xoxo!


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