Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Time

This week we welcomed the first week of summer with a bang!! Forrest started working this week and he really enjoyed it! I am so proud of him and know he will enjoy working much better than school! To celebrate his graduation, Julie and Lance took us out to Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham on Wednesday. Neither Forrest nor I had been there so we were thrilled. Eating with the Smiths is always fun, especially because they will eat just about anything--just like us! Because of our adventurous tummies, our dinner looked a little bit like this:
4 appetizers: grits, baked oysters, beef carpaccio, foie gras

Duck 2 ways


Voted the best dessert of the night: olive oil cake

On Friday I woke up to a fun surprise: our refrigerator was leaking into the basement (coincidentally, right into Forrest's car wash bucket!). I spent most of the day at home trying to deal with it. Luckily it didn't ruin my floors and it was an easy fix--we just needed a new filter, thank goodness! That evening we headed up to the lake for a peaceful night together. There is something about doing nothing at the lake that is just better than doing nothing at home! We ordered a pizza, rented a movie, and just vegged out all night. After the whirlwind wedding weekend the previous weekend, we needed a night to chill. We spent most of the afternoon lounging outside on the pier and playing with the dogs.

That evening we had plans to attend the Serendipity dance. Forrest and I are members and my sister was being presented! The LeBlancs came as our guests and we had a wonderful time, from the pre-"prom" dinner at the Courtyard to dancing the night away in the front row!
MMM being presented

Julie, Me, and Shannon

Barbara and I
We clearly were channeling brides!

We stayed out WAY too late on Saturday so it was a good thing we had gone to Mass on Saturday evening because I don't think I would have made it to the morning service! Forrest got to relax most of the day but I had to stock up on groceries (I skipped last week so we were LOW on food) and I was going to the Anniversary tea for the Bal d' Or (the debutante ball). It was a nice afternoon to sip on punch and much on tiny cakes and sandwiches with mom and the other ladies. That evening we had dinner at my parents' house as usual and headed back home early because I was so exhausted from a weekend full of fun! Hope you had a nice weekend as well!!

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