Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Desert Adventure

On Saturday in Las Vegas we got to tackle one of Forrest's Vegas "must dos"--visiting the Hoover Dam. Truth be told I wanted to go too. We set out in the morning and after a stop for breakfast and sunscreen (didn't want to get burned in the convertible) and headed out to the Dam. We both LOVED seeing the dessert landscape along the way!

Once we got to the dam we decided to take the power plant tour. Holy moly how cool! We learned all about how the dam works to provide power to so many. We even got to see the generators!
Afterwards we explored the dam--WOW!!!! It is such a huge and impressive structure! We walked across it "all the way" to Arizona, snapping pics along the way! As my friend Rachel put it, "It is like stepping into your 5th grade science book!"
What a big guy!

Walking through the power plant

The diverted water goes through these pipes that were underneath our feet

Generator room. The lights on top indicate that they are working

Me standing in Arizona

Next we were off to Red Rock Canyon. I knew nothing about it but Forrest read that it was one of the greatest things to see in Vegas so we went for it. My oh my how beautiful! I can't even describe it so just take a look below!!!
Love these red rocks!

I was obsessed with seeing cacti growing in the wild since there were no animals

Don't you just love the desert landscape?

These things are massive

Elephant heads!
Or at least, we thought that is what they look like

Despite the fact we were pushing it on time I HAD to see the pawn shop from Pawn Stars, even though I didn't know until that morning that it was there. The line was long so we didn't go inside but it was neat to see!

Afterwards, it was back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding!!

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