Monday, July 30, 2012

Ellen's Beach Weekend

What a fun way to spend a weekend! Claire and I loaded up the car (it was seriously PACKED to the gills) on Thursday morning to prepare for Ellen's bachelorette weekend. She is the matron of honor and it we were staying at my grandparents' condo in Orange Beach so we were in charge of making everything party-ready. After a fun ride down, we got to work. I think everything turned out super cute and was REALLY impressed with Claire's creative skills!
Shoe curtain into the kitchen, where we hung streamers from the ceiling!

Claire made every girl a "bachelorette party survival kit" 

Table full of fun!

After a quick grocery run the bride arrived and the fun began! We toasted with yummy "specialty" drinks that I made we well at hot pink cupcakes! For dinner, we went down the street to Shaggy's. We just wanted somewhere close and quick and casual and that is just what we got.
Ellen modeling her "Bride" hat, made by Caitlin, and her "flower" made by "magic" by our waiter.

The next morning we hit the beach just as soon as the sun peeked out. It was a wonderful day, with great sun and a welcomed breeze!
We started the morning with Caitlin's "I Do" doughnuts 

Sand sculpture on the beach!

We went in a little early so we could get cleaned up and watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (have I mentioned how obsessed I am with the Olympics? No? Well, it is kinda bad). We were not exactly impressed with the show overall but the fireworks were fantastic!! By the time the ceremonies were over it was 11pm and we were just too lazy to go anywhere, so we opted to stay in--sad, I know--but we were having so much fun lounging around and laughing!!
Jordan, Ellen, and Claire during the Opening Ceremonies with their personalized, light up glasses

On Saturday we hit the beach until the rain started, and then sat around EATING (ugh I probably gained 5 lbs) and watching the Olympics. We did take a break to have Ellen's lingerie shower--so much fun!!
Pretty robe from me.

That night we went to Cobalt to eat and then out to the Flora Bama. The FB was not the greatest choice, as it was ridiculously humid out. We braved the stickiness for about an hour before calling it a night. We decided we were going to have more fun in the air conditioning at the condo than in the humidity at the bar. We were right!
Me and the bride before hitting the town

Riding in the van on the way to dinner

Mini book club reunion at dinner. We ran into Kate!

doesn't she look ready?

The bride and her bridesmaids

How "bassy" of us.
Can you believe this is the stamp we got at the flora bama (I can)

Trying to look un-sweaty! 

Comparison! This is me at my bachelorette party at the flora bama with Ellen! 

It was sad to leave such a fun group of girls the next day but I have to admit it was great to get home to my husband and menagerie! Forrest spent part of the weekend in Selma visiting his grandmother and touring his friends' new dental office. He also did lots of work around the house and yard (thank you husband!) and got to spend time with his mom. She is at a rehab facility for her hip and hopefully she will heal quickly and get to go home. Thanks to everyone for your prayers for Mrs. Bailey, and please keep them coming!!


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