Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Sonny!!!

I can't believe our sweet boy is 3 years old! I am sure I have told this story before but I will do a quick run down of how we came to be his forever home. It was the first weekend in December, 2009 and we had offered to check in on my aunt and uncle's Golden Retriever while they were at the SEC Championship game (Bama won, of course). Forrest especially enjoyed playing fetch with Chip and running around with him in their back yard. He kept talking about how he was a "real" dog and how he would like to have a dog like that one day. I was no fan of huge dogs so I let it go. Well a couple of weeks later Forrest "surprised" me by telling me he was buying "me" a Golden for Christmas. I gave him a lists of reasons why we couldn't have one and he had a response to each one.
1. It will eat the cats!!! (Goldens were not hunters, just retrievers, so their instinct is not to chase cats)
2. I only want to rescue a dog! (Here is the Golden Retriever Rescue website)
3. I want a girl dog that I can put bows on and buy pink dog toys for (It is your dog-you get to pick) (hooray)
4. We don't have a fence (I will build one)
5. I don't want him to get cold (they are good in cold weather, plus they have good house manners)
6. I don't want a puppy and I don't want to house train it (we can get a fully grown dog!)

The list went on and he had a researched response to each of my concerns. Well, a Golden DID seem to be the perfect dog for us. I wanted a sweet fully grown dog and he wanted a fun playmate. After a trial with a scared little girl dog, we ended up being shown Sonny-a BOY PUPPY. I was none too excited and told Forrest NOT to get his hopes up because he didn't meet my criteria. But then we met him...and fell in love. He was SO sweet and playful and instantly became Forrest's best buddy. He did not chase the cats (only licked them, which they liked--gross). He was 5 months old and basically house trained and so I let him stay. Poor little guy was dropped off at the Humane Society in Kansas 3 days before Christmas. Some people visiting relatives out there from AL adopted him and brought him home to Auburn. After 2 days and a few accidents, they left him in the night drop box at the Auburn animal shelter and then the Retriever service picked him up. Poor thing---he only had 2 accidents with us and that was our fault for not letting him out enough. Even though he went through a lot, it brought him to us and he has made us oh so happy! We love you Sonny B!!!
1st trip to lake!

1st Bath

His mat from Auntie M!

Swimming in Papa Harold's pond. His first interaction with COWS!!


His first time to swim!!

Meeting his sister Ruffles

He LOVES the snow!!

Thank you for adopting me!!

This pic melted my heart

Go Sonny go!!!

Please let me ride!!

Sonny and his bff!


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