Monday, July 9, 2012

Vegas, Baby!!

So we just got home from Las Vegas for our friends Ben and Julianne's wedding!! A couple of days after Jay and Claire's wedding Ben (one of Forrest's fraternity brothers who was a groomsman in Jay's wedding--and ours) called Forrest to tell him that he and his fiance Julianne had decided to get married while on a trip to Vegas on July 7th and wanted to see if we could be there---um YES!!!
With Julianne and Ben on our trip to California in 2010

 Not only did we want to be there for our friends' big day, but neither of us had ever been to Vegas and it was high on our list of places to go! We set about to make plans and our "must do" list since we could only be there for a few days. My "must do" was to see Celine Dion (hey, she is a mother of 3 and nearly 50--who knows how longs she will be up and running?) so Forrest suggested that I fly out by myself early on Friday so I could see the show and he wouldn't have to miss work, so that is exactly what I did! I stayed with my grandparents in Birmingham on Thursday night and they took me to the airport to catch my 6:40am flight to Vegas (when you book plane tickets 10 days in advance, there are not a whole lot of options left)! I made a quick stop over in Phoenix and was in Las Vegas by 10:30am! I will add for all of you football fans out there that Roman Harper and Alfred McCullough were on my plane. Harper played for Bama and is now playing for the Saints and McCullough was on the UA championship team and I think now plays for the Eagles. I was pretty stoked when I passed Harper and gave him a "Roll Tide" and he said it back. Anyway, I digress. After landing I had to pick up the rental car and to my surprise, Forrest had secretly booked me a convertible! Yippeee!! I felt so cool as I turned onto Las Vega Boulevard with the top down and hip hop blaring (I had to get into character, you know).

Although it took me forever to drive down the strip to our hotel, Trump International, I enjoyed seeing all of the buildings and taking everything in!!
Site of the wedding

I LOVED Paris!

Venecian. I have seen the real campanile (what that thing is) in Venice. 

Treasure Island--I hated we didn't get to see the nightly show outside the hotel!
View from my room on the 41st floor

After checking in I headed back out to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for lunch. My friend Laura went to college in Las Vegas and said that Mr. Luckys was the place to go, so I went! The casino was really cool and the restaurant did not disappoint!
Enormous and delicious nachos. Some Australian guys ended up eating my left overs. 

I was disappointed that no celebs were there. Laura I blame you for raising my hopes.

After eating it was back to the hotel for a quick nap and change. I wanted to get to Caesar's Palace early so I could wander around and eat before the concert. I actually got lost in Caesar's because it was so gargantuan! I did manage to make it to Serendipity 3 for dinner (caesar salad and a frozen hot chocolate--dinner of champions) and into the Colosseum for Celine!!!

Frozen hot chocolate--their specialty

View of the strip from Caesars

Getting excited!


 Now, I am not like a crazy Celine fan or anything but I love her songs (probably because I think I sing exactly like her) and I think she is very inspirational so I just HAD to see her!! I couldn't take pictures during the show but it was absolutely phenomenal. When she stepped out at first and launched into Open Arms I started to cray--the way beautiful music can make you cry, you know? Yes, that is super lame that I got teary at Celine but everyone around me was crying too (ok maybe I was in a room full of lame people--who knows). Regardless it was totally worth it and I would highly recommend seeing her if you like her music!
Doesn't Celine look great? I mean she has had 3 kids!

This is the current setlist that I ripped of of Wikipedia. I made my own notes:
  1. "Untitled Interlude I" (Video Introduction) (contains elements of "I Drove All Night")
  2. "Open Arms"
  3. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"
  4. "Because You Loved Me"
  5. "Medley: It's All Coming Back to Me Now" (maybe my fave) / "The Power of Love
  6. "Untitled Interlude II" (Instrumental Interlude)
  7. "(If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini)"
  8. "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)" (videos of her children were playing behind her)
  9. "The Reason"
  10. "James Bond Theme(Instrumental Interlude)
  11. Medley: "Goldfinger" / "Nobody Does It Better" / "Live and Let Die"
  12. "Spinning Wheel(Performed by Barnev Valsaint)
  13. "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?(Duet with a hologram version of Dion--she came out into the crowd!)
  14. "Overjoyed(Virtual duet with Stevie Wonder-hologram)
  15. "At Seventeen" (she sat on the steps with her guitar player--so nice)
  16. "Beauty And The Beast(Duet with Barnev Valsaint)
  17. "Ne me quitte pas"
  18. "All by Myself"
  19. "Rolling In The Deep"
  20. "Untitled III" (Instrumental Interlude) (contains elements of "Smooth Criminal," "Billie Jean," and "Thriller") (awesome)
  21. "Love Can Move Mountains"
  22. "River Deep, Mountain High"
  1. "My Heart Will Go On" (awesome--it looked like it was raining on her during it--also had backdrop of sun setting over the ocean--love)

After the concert it was time to pick Forrest up at the airport! I got to drive down the strip for the first time at night and see everything all lit up! It was so cool! For a girl who loves sparkles, I really was impressed! Forrest arrived about 10:30pm (12 hrs after me) and our first order of business was to drive back down the strip so he could take it all in. 

Vegas at night

Chubby Elvis on a motorcycle

Next it was time for a snack at our favorite western eatery--In n Out burger! Mmmm mmm goood! By that time it was nearly 12:30am (the drive up the strip took over an hour) and we were dead tired so we hit the hay at the hotel so we could be ready for the next day!!! More to come!!


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