Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Busy!!!

Oh boy is it a Monday!!! I am glad to be able to catch a few minutes and write this post before I get sucked back into the craziness that is today! We had SUCH a great week and weekend! I got bitten by the organizational bug after reading my friend Lauren's blog and so Forrest and I spent most of the week and weekend cleaning out, rearranging, and organizing. We aren't quite done but we have made so much progress! The house is a total disaster but hopefully we will get finished by the end of the week. Since football season starts Saturday (well, really Thursday night), I know we have to finish or else we won't have time to deal with it all until January! In and among all of the cleaning, we have managed to squeeze in a little fun as well! On Thursday I put on a get together for the Etowah County Bar Association. It was hosted by a firm in town but I had to order the food, get the drinks, set, up, etc, so basically it was my party. I ran around most of the day getting things in order (which was hilarious because my car was stacked with rummage from the basement). While I was there, Forrest had a tennis lesson. He has had a few so far and is really enjoying them! He already plays tennis but just wanted to get his skills back into shape to be able to play in a league. On Friday we went to the Cobbler Festival which benefited the Wounded Warrior Project and was put on by the Knights of Columbus at our church. There was a dinner and live auction and Forrest REALLY wanted to win the trip to the Masters next spring. Unfortunately, the bid went WAY too high, and to top that all off, it didn't meet the reserve, so it didn't even sell! He was really sad but we did win a weekend and golf at Pearl River Resort and a package of gift cards for dinner around town! We spent most of the day Saturday cleaning and organizing. I tackled the kitchen while Forrest worked outside. After Mass we went down the street to the Frederick's housewarming party. It was great to be able to see their house all  set up, as well as seeing all of our friends!
Rio came to visit Sonny and his old neighborhood during the party! It was great to see him and the Gandhis!
Sorry the pic is so dark!

The weather was nice so we were able to sit outside and enjoy it! Afterwards we met the LeBlanc's at Old Mexico for dinner and they talked us into going to TuKanoo's after to hear a band play.
Friends at TuKanoos!
Forrest, Me, Shannon, Daniel, Jesse, Jenna
I stole this off of Shannon's facebook.

On Sunday it was more organizing. I worked on my jewelry and top drawer of my dresser (aka drawer stuffed with random items) and Forrest was hard at work in the basement. He painted one of the walls and even built me a shelf for my laundry supplies! During the afternoon, I had a quick meeting for the Alabama Alumni Board to plan a fantastic dinner next month in town. We are having Sarah Patterson (gymnastics coach) and Patrick Murphy (softball coach) speak about their national championships from this past season! Afterwards we picked up the Hayes and headed down the hill to the Smith's for dinner. They were having a Greek night and mmm mmm mmm it was great! They had tons of appetizers, a delicious meal, and bakalava and cookies for dessert. Don't forget the Greek wine and Ouzo! Opa!
Hanging out at the Smith's with Eloise after a DELICIOUS meal!!
Daniel, Claire, Farrah, Jay, Forrest

We had a great time last week balancing work and play and hopefully once the house is decluttered we can focus on the fall's main event: COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Roll Tide Y'all!!

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