Monday, August 13, 2012

Ellen's Wedding

I can't believe Ellen got married this weekend! I have known her since we were teeny tiny and we have always been close. I was honored to stand by her on her big day and can't wait to be "married friends" with her and Nelson! The pics below tell the tale!

We started off the weekend with an adorable bridesmaids luncheon. The cucumber soup and panini were delish!

The bride with some of her bridesmaids
Kelley, Claire, Ellen, Jordan, and Me

After a relaxing pedicure with Farrah, I was off to the church for the rehearsal. One of the bridesmaids couldn't make it so Gran Gran had to stand in.
Caitlyn, Calle, Jordan, Me, Gran Gran, Kelley, Claire

The rehearsal dinner was at the Gadsden Museum of Art. The Fisherman catered with some delicious cajun food!

Me, Ellen, and Katie

Lambda Chi's and their AOII wives!
Claire and Jay, Me and Forrest, Ellen and Nelson, and Katie and Gusty

I loved this swag on the altar!

Ellen and her girls in blue! 

The bride's bouquet! It was wrapped in the sleeve from her mother's wedding gown.
(I did that too!)

The big reveal!

Practicing the AOII door song!

The cake was delicious!

The reception at the Country Club was beautiful!

Groom's cake

I LOVED the flowers!!!

Cutting the cake!

Dancing with her daddy

It was so special to sing our sorority song!
"There's an AOII, who is smiling, and her eyes, are too...."

Sorority sisters

Another AOII LXA pic

What wedding would be complete without Jay singing?

It was extra special because the Bride's father sang too!

And off they go to the Bahamas!!
 What a weekend, right? Wasn't everything beautiful? On Sunday we were so exhausted and I took a LONG nap after church. That didn't stop us from going to Superior Grille for Claire's surprise birthday party though!!
She was super impressed.
We wish Ellen and Nelson all of the best and can't wait to catch up with them when they get back from their tropical honeymoon!! Hope you all have a fun week planned!!!

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