Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Who can believe it is August?? Now that Forrest is out of school we have both officially outgrown "summer vacation". I used to love getting school supplies, picking out new clothes, and organizing my schedule. In college, August meant Rush Workshop, a week of Recruitment, and the start of football games! My how time flies!! We did have a great start to the month, as we celebrated some very important birthdays! The school I went to from K-5 through 8th grade, St. James School, celebrated it's 100th anniversary! What an accomplishment. I got a wonderful education and St. James and it really does mean so much to me. The celebration began on Friday night with a "meet and greet" reception at the school. I hadn't been through the halls in YEARS and I felt so grown up! Everything looked smaller to me. I was excited to show Forrest around and more excited to share the experience with Laura and Julie, who were 2 years ahead of me at St. James. We got to hang out with the teachers, explore our old classrooms, and relive countless memories! 
In the 8th grade, it was a big deal to get to paint a ceiling tile. I was super proud of my stick figures. I still kinda am. 

Me, Laura, and Julie showing off with the National Beta Club Charter

We won the same award, 2 years apart. I thought that warranted a photo. 

Forrest and Lance enjoying an adult beverage in the kindergarten classroom. Nice. 

The next day was super busy. After an early morning meeting, much to my chagrin, Forrest and I had a delicious lunch. It was a nice way to squeeze in a fun little date with each other during a hectic weekend. Afterwards I went to a shower for our friend Alana. She is getting married in October and we can't wait to attend! Forrest and Alana went to school together since K-5 and I became friends with her when I started high school. The shower was beautiful and it was great to catch up with the bride and some of my other high school friends!
Afterwards we had to get ready for the St. James dinner and dance at the Country Club. It was really fun and sweet, and now I can say that I have done the cupid shuffle with my teachers!
On Sunday we went to the Alumni Mass at the church and I got to see my very best friends from St. James. Next is was off to eat lunch with Mrs. Bailey. She is doing VERY well with her therapy and is hopefully going home this weekend! Please continue to pray for her recovery!! While we were there I got a text from Mamatha that she and baby Arth were still in the hospital so we went by to meet the newest arrival. He was born on Thursday after a long labor and eventual C-section so we weren't able to visit until then. He was so precious and sweet!!! 
Our first look at Arth Gandhi! Look at his open eyes!

On Monday we got to officially meet baby Arth after he arrived home. He is the tiniest most beautiful little angel! 
Why does he look like he actually belongs to Jay and Claire? Hmmmm.

We are so lucky to have such great friends!
Mamatha the new mommy, Claire, Jay, Forrest, Arth, Me, and Farrah

Girls and the Gandhi boys. Rio was so proud to show us his baby brother Arrh!
Happy Birthday sweet Arth! I can't wait to watch you grow up!!

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