Monday, August 20, 2012

Running Ragged

Our weekend was crazy this weekend but it was full of fun things! I will do more pics, less chat!!

On Friday, I went with my mom to Tuscaloosa for Serious Night at the AOII house. My sweet friend Jennifer was going to be there and we wanted her to know how much we would love having her as our sister. It is ALWAYS great to go back to the house, but this year was especially great because we have just had a huge renovation done to the house and I had yet to see it! It looks amazing! You can see bits and pieces of the house in the pics below, but I'll take more at the re-dedication next month!
Morgan, MMM, and Me
Morgan is MMM's lil sis and is the President!

Mom and her 2 girls, but in the AOII house, we are all sisters

After Serious Night, we met Randi for dinner. Randi and I pledged AOII together 10 years ago!!

On Saturday I got the news that Jennifer had pledged AOII! Hooray! A new baby panda and sister!
I ripped this off of her facebook so it isn't the best quality, but yay!!

Forrest and I spent the day at the Habitat for Humanity Dragon Boat race. The pics speak for themselves--we had a blast!!
All of our sweet friends were there to cheer on the racers!
Shannon and Eloise, Mamatha, Anu, Claire, Lance, Me, Forrest, Farrah, Justin

Go team LocavOARS!!

Forrest and his team

They got 5th place out of 25!!!

That night we ate dinner at my parents' house with my brother who had come to town. It was a lovely way to relax!

On Sunday we spent the day celebrating my Granddaddy's 80th birthday! The party at my grandmother's house was WONDERFUL!!
My assistant Rachel made these cookies for the party! Aren't they adorable???

Granddaddy and his grandchildren

Mimi and Granddaddy and their 4 children
Whew!! What a great weekend! Hope yours was wonderful and that you have a fun week ahead!


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