Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anything and Everything

This weekend was supposed be low key and it was, but my goodness did we find ways to fill up the time with just about anything and everything! Friday I took a half day off of work for what I like to call a "mental health day". I left the office at noon and headed down to Birmingham for a day of fun for me. (Well, I did have to take a file to another lawyer, so I did a little work!!) I started my afternoon at Jenny's house for lunch. I hated that she and Adam and their precious babies had to move away from us in Gadsden, but we have kept in touch and now I love to go to Birmingham to stop in on her! She made a yummy lunch for me and we sat outside and caught up while the kids napped. It was absolutely lovely and Jenny is such a gracious host!!
She made this cute menu!

After lunch I headed to Richard Joseph Salon in Mountain Brook Village for a facial and a massage. I had purchased this package on Living Social a few months back and saved it for when I really felt like I needed it, which always ends up being half way through football season when I am exhausted! It was SO nice at the Spa and I was relaxed just as soon as I hit the door! I started with an hour long facial which was amazing. Then it was on to the massage, which was the BEST one I have ever had! I left feeling so calm and relaxed and "jiggly" that I wasn't sure if I should drive in that condition!! :) Afterwards I hit up the Apple store at the Summit for a lesson on my new iPhone. Luckily, I was due an upgrade right when the 5 came out so I scooped it up immediately. Unfortunately, I have never had an iPhone so I was a little behind the curve! Although the store was CRAZY busy, which kind of ruined my massage buzz, the associates were very helpful and walked me through everything I needed to know! Then it was back to Gadsden for dinner with Forrest. We went to a local sushi restaurant and had a great meal before we called it a much needed early night!
On Saturday I picked up Mamatha bright and early and headed to the Gadsden Service Guild storage unit for our last work day before our rummage sale next month. We sorted and boxed all of the remaining bagged donations and are ready for the sale! Afterwards Forrest and I had a yummy lunch with his parents and then went to the LeBlanc's to watch the Bama v. Missouri game (RTR--another big win for the Tide). We brought Sonny and Ruffles to play with their dogs and although Ruffles stayed inside with us, Sonny had a great time making new friends! We really enjoyed spending time with the LeBlancs and sweet little Eloise! I can't believe she is almost one!
Eloise making friends with Sonny

Afterwards my mom called and we ended up going to eat dinner with her and her supper club, right down the street from the LeBlanc's. My dad was at the game (in the pouring rain) so she invited us to come along. We had a GREAT bbq dinner--thanks to the Hollands and the rest of the supper club for letting us mooch! That night we stayed in and watched football on the couch. It was nice to get two restful nights in a row at home!
"Bear" snoozing on top of Mom's car at the Holland's house

On Sunday after church Forrest and his dad worked on our fence while I went horseback riding with Brittney! I had SO been looking forward to it and had a great time. When I was young (like, 20 years ago young), I took riding lessons and loved them, but had to stop due to scheduling. When Brittney told me she rode and invited me to go, I jumped at the offer! It felt great being back in the saddle and despite my sore legs today, I hope I get to go more often!! That night we had dinner with my mom and dad and brother, who was in town after going to the Missouri game with my dad. We had another quite evening at home, and we will hit the ground running this week! Hope you all had nice weekends and are looking forward to some fun things ahead!!


  1. Had such a great time with you as always!!! Come back anytime!!! Love you!


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