Monday, October 29, 2012


Ok so last week when I said that "hopefully it would feel like fall soon". Well, I got my wish and then some. Friday night it turned COLD around here, and I of course am no fan!!! We headed to Tuscaloosa on Saturday for Homecoming. Usually I don't mind a cool ball game because it feels like "football weather" and kind of gets you into the spirit of the day. Well, we skipped football weather in Alabama and went from sweltering to freezing!! Despite the cold, which I will just have to get over by wearing cute winter clothes and cooking soups, we had a fantastic time in Ttown! We started the day off at the Lambda Chi house. They have just recently finished a renovation and the house looked beautiful. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and then watched as they unveiled the plaque dedicated to the donors of the construction project. It was also great running into college friends!! Forrest really has a wonderful group of fraternity friends that all keep in touch. I know they will special to us for years to come!!!
Not the greatest picture, but this is Forrest with Lauren and Joseph's little boy Hudson! I can't believe he was so big! He clearly wasn't a huge fan of Forrest's!
After the Lambda Chi house we went to the law school. I have to admit I get the heeby jeebies when I go back to the law school--it is a scary place! We had a nice time though and got to see lots of my dad's classmates--it was his 30 year reunion!
Dad (wearing the traditional homecoming hat of the law school), Me, and Dean Jones, one of the Professors that was there when my dad was a student, and when I was too!
After the law school it was time to go eat AGAIN in the stadium club (we did a LOT of eating on Saturday!!) before the game. We were playing Mississippi State for homecoming. Now, no disrespect to them, but typically we play a "cupcake" team for Homecoming so we can win. The past few years we have been scheduling an SEC team for homecoming. This year, as luck would have it, Miss. St. was undefeated! They had a good team and so there was nervousness in the air. Everyone was hyped up from the cold (I think) and the crowd was really loud and rowdy. We were able to pull off a huge win and look good in the process!! ROLL TIDE!! Now we face LSU this week--our biggest game of the regular season. I officially start my week of no purple! :)
Sunday was a LAZY day for us! I sat next to the LeBlanc's at church and little Eloise decided that she wanted to sit with me the majority of the time. She was so precious and even waved to everyone as they walked up for communion! I had a blast with her (although I was super tired when I got home--that girl is BUSY!) and cannot believe that she is turning 1 this week!! Time sure flies!!
Hope you all are having a great start to the week and aren't too cold! Sorry I brought this cold upon us, but I guess it had to arrive sometime!

We did manage to walk down sorority row to check out the yard decorations. My camera wouldn't focus on the entire thing, but the AOII's display was super! I loved these elephants!!

Yay AOII!! Great work!!

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  1. Hahaha, don't feel bad Forrest. He does that with me sometimes too. :-)


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