Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Do the Monster Mash

This year I have enjoyed serving on the Board of the Humane Society. I feel such a connection to them because of Ruffles and admire the work they do in our community, so it has been an honor to serve them in that capacity. This year we held a Howl-o-weenie Monster Mash party as a Halloween fundraiser. I was PUMPED because it was a costume party and let's face it, dressing up is a blast! It was held at Sky restaurant and they served appetizers and even some Halloween themed treats! There was even a tasty "Witches Brew"! The night was a success and raised tons of money for the shelter! Check out my pics below!! They are worth millions of words!!

Me and Claire, aka Toddler in Tiara and Snookie
I was REALLY proud of my costume--I made it!

Forrest, Milton, Justin, and Jay, aka
Stu, Phil, Alan, and Chow
The Wolfpack from Hangover 2

Moses--a little local political humor

Amanda, Claire, Natalie, Anna, Leslie and Me
Garden Gnome, Snookie, Bat Girl, Minnie Mouse, Pregnant Bride, Toddler in Tiara


Shannon, me, and Kristen
Flashdance, Toddler in Tiara, Playboy Bunny

Fun with my girls Claire and Farrah

Farrah the Good Witch and Alie, aka Kim Kardashian

I LOVED Maggie and Cody's costumes. They were "Occupy Gadsden" and their demands included a Target and an Olive Garden

Me and Jenna, the prettiest Mummy!

We had an awesome time!!! Can't wait for next year! I have got to start thinking about my costume!


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