Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Treats--Fall Trail Mix

I had seen several recipes for Fall themed trail mix on Pinterest and thought it looked so yummy! I decided to make some and give it to the families that were with us on the Tennessee trip, as well as to those that helped us with the dogs. I brought one for Deborah too, and she and her friends downed it right in front of me. I'll take that as a compliment and a sign that it was good! You can make your own mix based on your own preferences, but here is what I included in mine.

Fall Trail Mix
Mini Pretzels (I used twists but next time I will use sticks)
Yogurt covered raisins
plain Cheerios
semi sweet chocolate chips
butterscotch chips
candy corn (I got the mixed bag that had the regular, chocolate, and pumpkin shaped ones)
I got out a big bowl and poured things in until the mix looked like the ratio was right. Looking forward to making this every year!!
Quick shot of the jars lined up on the counter. I liked how all the ingredients were fall colored. 


  1. I do something somewhat similar with granola in putting it in mason jars.


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