Monday, October 8, 2012


Forrest is so tired of me talking about the Great Gatsby, but I swear, we were literally in the book this past weekend at Alana and Matt's wedding!! It was Alabama's "bye" weekend so instead of football, we changed gears and re-entered wedding mode this weekend. After a really nice drive to Point Clear, we quickly got ready and headed to Dorgan's Inn for the wedding. I had no idea what to expect and I was totally blown away with the natural beauty and charm of the location. Dorgan's Inn was featured in the TV reality show Sweet Home Alabama (I didn't watch that so I didn't recognize it), so if you happened to see that show, then you know what it looks like.
I really should have taken pictures before it got dark!!

It is the epitome of low country Southern charm. Small white plantation homes with dark shutters face the calm, shallow waters of Mobile. The grounds are dotted with low branched, lighted oaks with Spanish moss draped through the branches. Everything seriously was picture perfect. The ceremony was outside under a large oak tree facing the bay.
Suns setting over the bay.
We are on one of the magnificent piers. 

Alana look absolutely stunning. Is it inappropriate to ask the bride to borrow her wedding dress? If not, I really want to try hers on and wear it around the house for a while. It was timeless and elegant and set the tone for the whole wedding (the dress is supposed to dictate the style of the wedding, after all!!).
My hair looks terrible in this picture but isn't the bride lovely?

We enjoyed a cocktail hour hour (which included yellow hammers--Roll Tide!) followed by a full dinner buffet complete with gumbo and crab soup, shrimp and grits, kabobs, fried pickles, pork tenderloin, to name a few of the delicious treats. Afterwards we had cake and Forrest loaded up on pies from the groom's table.

After dancing the night away, we said good bye to the couple by releasing tissue lanterns into the night sky.
Dancing with her daddy

And off they go!!

So lovely!

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Foltz

I couldn't imagine a more perfect evening and Forrest and I are so honored to have been a part of this magical weekend!!!

Other activities of note this past week included:
Book Club!! We had a great time at book club this week! Not only did we have a surprise diaper shower for Kate, whose sweet baby girl Alexis is due next month, but we also got to speak on the phone to the author of this month's book, Kristina McMorris!
Our sweet group!

On Friday my dad and his colleague Lynn hosted a celebration in honor of their 30th year of practicing law. What a great achievement! They had so many sweet friends come out to support them.

I had this cake made at Wal-Mart, of all places. This is a picture of Dad and Lynn doing a mock trial years ago. 

Here's to 30 more!!
Thanks for stopping by! More to come, as usual!

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