Monday, October 1, 2012

Sleepy Monday

Wow we had so much fun this weekend!!! As usual, I am exhausted on this Monday morning. I always needs an extra day off when our weekends are as loaded down as ours was this weekend. But who can complain when you are having fun, right?? We started the weekend on Thursday night by celebrating my mom's birthday, as well as the birthdays of some of our "lake family". A group of family friends gets together nearly every month to celebrate the birthdays. I grew up with these families and they are like aunts and uncles and cousins to me. We all have houses on the lake near each other and we hang out together mostly up there, so we call them our "lake family". This month we celebrated birthdays for Mom, Joni, Mark, and Hannah. 

On Friday after work, Forrest and I headed down to Birmingham for the annual Greek Festival. We met up with Katie and Gusty while waiting in line for our food. Of course, since the Greek fest only comes around once a year, we ate like we had never seen food before. Lamb gyro, Greek chicken and rice, pastichio, spanakopita, Greek salad, baklava, and Greek doughnuts. OMG--delish! Stevie and Melissa came and ate with us and on the way home, we even stopped by to see Mimi. It was such a "full" night!!!
On Saturday we got to sleep in and then went to Tuscaloosa for the Bama v. Ole Miss game. The game wasn't until 8:15pm but we left early so I could attend the re-dedication of the AOII house. My Aunt Fran was the interior designer and it looked fabulous, of course, so we were all excited to celebrate. It was great to see old friends and all of the pretty new girls enjoying the new and improved house!!
Isn't the new balcony awesome?

Me, Aunt Fran, and Mom

Deborah and I on the new balcony

Afterwards my pledge sister Deborah came and we tailgate hopped before heading back to the AOII house and ultimately the game. Forrest and I sat with Mark and Barbara so my sister and Matt could sit with my parents. M and B were great hosts and we really enjoyed cheering with them! Although the Tide won decidedly, it wasn't the stellar performance that I had anticipated so I was pretty irritated the entire game. Forrest and I left the game early in the 4th quarter because it was 11pm and we still had to drive home! We made it to our driveway just before 2am!! It was a LONG day but it was worth it to be able to see so many friends!! This weekend is OFF for the Tide so hopefully everyone--us included--gets some much needed rest!
As much as we would have liked to snooze and lounge all day on Sunday, we were too busy! We ended up sleeping in so we attended the Spanish Mass at our church. It starts at 12:30pm so you really can get a long sleep in!! Afterwards we rode with Davis and Megumi to Brooks' 1st birthday party! We were thrilled to be included and it was so sweet to see little Brooks and celebrate his big day! 
Our present to Brooks--a new ride-along wagon full of books, puzzles, and toys!

Birthday Boy with Mom and Dad

Not quite sure about the cake

But he LOVES his wagon!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

After the party Forrest and I crashed until dinner, and we pretty much laid around until time for bed once we got home! We have a busy week ahead so hopefully we can snap out of being sleepy!! Have a great week!!

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