Monday, November 19, 2012

No Blog November

I promise I am not neglecting my blog, but I have been neglecting my pictures! When I switched from Droid to iPhone I was super excited to find that the iPhone camera far exceeds the quality of the Droid camera, so I stopped carrying around my point and shoot for random photos. For some reason, not having my actual camera makes me feel like I don't have one so I have been slacking in taking pictures over the past few weeks. I always think blog posts are much more enjoyable so I will endeavor to do better, especially now since the holidays are upon us! Here is a quick bullet point (you know I love them) list of what we've been up to lately and I PROMISE I will do better with my camera this week! Happy Thanksgiving week! Hope you are stretching out your tummies!!

Nov 6 (Tuesday): Lake Family birthday celebration at Sky restaurant. Also election night!
Nov 8: Outback road trip with the Hayes. Try the sangria sampler--I promise you will thank me!
Nov 10: Bama v. TX A&M--lost. It sucked. Nothing further to say.
Nov 11: Lunch with the Baileys and Nana Frith! Took a lovely walk with the dogs that turned into a not so lovely off road adventure.
Nov 12: Red Elephant Club meeting at Classic on Noble, one of my FAVORITE restaurants! Hear Phil Savage, the color analyst of the Crimson Tide speak about how the Tide could still get to the championship. Haha Phil, very funny.
Nov 13: Book club at Farrah's! Always a great time!!
Nov 14: Celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, with supper club at the Gandhis! Mamatha made my favorite butter chicken and I got to love on sweet, snuggly baby Arth!!
Nov 15: I went to the Fall luncheon that my aunt helps throw at her church each November. I LOVE going because they have a tea cup auction. I never win but I love to try! My grandmother actually won a gorgeous Oriental rug this time that she promise to give to ME because I liked it! Yay! Forrest had his guys "drinking club" that night at Fish Market, which is a spoof on Book Club, because the husbands say it is more about wine than books. So what if it is?
Nov 16: Etowah County Bar seminar!!
Nov 17: Dad's birthday! We got up early and went to Tuscaloosa for the 11:21 kickoff against Western Carolina. We knew we would win but it was nice to see Dad, even though he hurt his back. That evening we picked up the new rug at Mimi's and then had dinner with our friend Troy and his fiance Casey at the Courtyard. THEN we watch Kansas State and Oregon lose, which catapults Bama back into the number 2 spot and into BCS championship contention! Phil Savage and my dad, who was very smug, were both right! All we have to do is beat Auburn this weekend and Georgia in the SEC championship and we are in Miami!
Nov 18: Mom came to help me decorate for Christmas. Yes, it is early, but I am hosting the service guild Christmas Party in 2 weeks and with everything else going on I wanted the majority of my decorating finished early. Afterwards we ate dinner at her house to celebrate Dad's birthday.

Whew--ok--hopefully I got everything in there! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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