Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chili, Cake, and Championships

This post could be titled so many things! Christmas, Musical, Birthday, Friends, the list goes on and on! I suppose I have to start somewhere so I will start with Friday evening. After Forrest got home we went to pick out our Christmas tree! I am adamant that we have a live tree each year. It smells so good and while it does involve watering and vacuuming, I really think you cannot beat a real tree!! This year we went to Marvin's and got a great tree at a much better price than we are used to! Hooray!! I love getting the tree tied to the top of Forrest's car and then braving the drive up the mountain to our house. It's the little things, you know!

When we got home and Forrest set it up, the cats were overjoyed. You may remember that they go crazy over the Christmas tree and like to run circles around it and fight over who gets to sit under it. As soon as it was situated in the stand, the wildness began! Photobucket
I put in my most favorite Christmas movie, Love Actually, mulled some cider (is the the correct term for turning on the Keurig?) and we started decorating. Our ornaments represent us and our life together, so pulling each one out is always fun and special! We have ornaments of the pets, of trips we've been on, of hobbies we enjoy, of us. We can just about remember the story behind each ornament, where we got it, who gave it to us, and why it is special. Before too long our tree was complete. It really was such a fun night and a great way to spend some special time together.
Photobucket Photobucket
On Saturday I was up and at'em!! It was a big day for us--we were celebrating Forrest's 28th birthday with an SEC Championship game viewing party at my parents' house. My mom and dad actually were in Atlanta for the game but we invited so many friends that we needed the extra space! Ruffles and I picked up the cake early that morning at the Cupboard, along with some impulse cookies near the register, and then headed to my parents' house to set up. Photobucket Photobucket I made 2 recipes of the Pioneer Woman's Simple, Perfect Chili (although doctored up a bit--recipe to come) and then started on the set up. We had lots of yummy treats, including sausage rotel dip, buffalo chicken dip (by Farrah), pigs in a blanket (also by Farrah), jalapeno cheese by (by Mamatha), "crack dip" (by Michelle), and of course plenty of drinks. At half time we had chili (I loved setting up the chili bar!) and then Forrest cut the cake. We had so many friends come to celebrate with us and we are so grateful that they chose to spend their day with us!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
BFF Victory pic!!!
My heart really can't take any more of these wild games, so Bama, if you are reading, let's get up on the Irish by about 21 points early on so I can have fun watching the National Championship game, please!! After putting my parents' house back exactly like we found it (haha, it sounds like I had a secret party there and didn't tell them) Forrest and I headed back home for some much needed R and R!
I woke up on Sunday morning and realized that Forrest wasn't home. That is not unusual because sometimes he does errands while I am still asleep. I started getting ready for church and by 10am he wasn't back so I called to check on him. He was at the LeBlanc's house babysitting Eloise! Apparently Shannon had gotten the stomach bug really badly and had to be hospitalized during the night! Daniel needed to run over there to bring her some things so he called Forrest to look after Eloise. What a sweet thing for Forrest to do, especially since he really has no one on one experience with babies AND since it was his birthday! He was able to meet me at church (where we sat with some of our other friends and their sweet babies) before we headed out to Duck Springs to celebrate his birthday with his family. They had gone all out with a "Breakfast for Lunch" theme, which Forrest requested. That afternoon we worked around the house and yard to get ready for the Service Guild Christmas Party on Tuesday, and that evening I went to see West Side Story in Birmingham with my mom! I hated that I had to be gone on Forrest's birthday but I had purchased these tickets for Mom's birthday and we didn't have another opportunity to go. West Side Story was the first musical that I ever watched with Mom on tv when I was little so it was so special for us to see it live together. I was a little underwhelmed with the overall production but honestly, it's hard to be be disappointed with such a great show. I am still singing this morning!!
Since it is December, our schedule is starting to fill up with fun. Hopefully I'll have lots of fun stories and pictures to share soon!

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