Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Party Drinks

For the Service Guild party I made 2 different drinks, Sparkling Cider and Apple Cider Sangria. I was so excited because they seemed to be a big hit!! Please enjoy these at your next holiday party!Of course, I didn't take pictures, which is terrible of me especially because they were in such cute dispensers!

Sparkling Cider

Homemade Sparkling Apple Juice
  • 2 cans apple juice concentrate (thawed) (I let the cans sit out on the counter for a while and then poured them into the dispenser still sort of frozen. I crunched them up with a spoon and just let it sit. This way, it stayed cold on its own. Just keep stirring and crunching as you set up.
  • 1 (2 liter) bottle club soda 
  • Mix. TADA!!!!


1 bottle (standard size) of pinot grigio
2 1/2 cups fresh apple cider
1 cup club soda
1/2 cup ginger brandy
3 honey crisp apples, chopped
3 pears, chopped


Combine all ingredients together and stir, stir, stir. Refrigerate for an hour or so (or longer!) before serving.
I ended up using 5 bottles of wine and after a while, I was just pouring and guessing because this drink was going FAST!!! 

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