Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So Much To Be Thankful For

We have been enjoying a fun week of giving thanks for all that we have. I haven't been doing the daily "thankful" posts on Facebook but there is so much that Forrest and I have to be thankful for and I hope that we express it though how we live our lives.
Last week was Thanksgiving week and boy did we have fun!! My brother and sister both came home on Tuesday night and we went out to celebrate Roy's 27th birthday! Photobucket On Wednesday my sister and I shopped for Christmas "stuff" and found some adorable things! I will have to take pictures of all of my new Christmas decor and get them up here soon! That evening I helped my mom cook chicken and dumplings the way my dad likes them (the only appropriate way to make them, apparently) and we had a wonderful family dinner together. Thursday was the big turkey day! Aunt Sue hosted this year and put Davis and I in charge of desserts. We went back and forth on our menu for about a month and finally settled on some awesome treats! I managed to get 3 different pies made during the early part of the week in and among all of the other fun stuff we were doing. I will post those recipes in a separate post. I made a Black Bottom Cheesecake Pecan Pie as well as a pumpkin pie and also a Pumpkin Cream pie for Forrest to take to work. Davis did a Boston Cream Pie (which is really a cake) and chocolate chip cookies. We were totally stuffed on all of the Thanksgiving goodness before we made it to dessert, but never you fear, the Baileys managed to find room for all of the sweets!! While we were there, Forrest convinced my brother and sister to go in with us on a gift for my dad for Christmas. The only catch was that it would require some standing in line time at Black Friday! If you didn't know, Forrest is a Black Friday shopper! I have never been and have always been against fighting that craziness, but this was such a great deal and Forrest was going to handle the standing in line part, so I got on board. Roy didn't want to stand in line but would contribute money and since MMM is still in school, she reluctantly agreed to stand in line for Forrest while we went to have dinner at the Bailey's house. Forrest got in line at 4:30pm for the item which went on sale at 8pm. MMM relieved him about 5:30 and off were were to the Bailey's. Mrs. Bailey's sisters and brother and mother had come to town to celebrate Thanksgiving with her. I was so stuffed I didn't really do a good job of eating the 2nd go around but I managed to have bites of everything that the McCord Thanksgiving didn't offer. I definitely have my priorities in line!! Forrest managed to eat his 2nd Thanksgiving meal of the day with no problems. I have to hand it to him, his plan of a brisk jog before standing in line was much better of my plan of watching Gone With the Wind and falling asleep on the couch. Apparently running helps you make room for more turkey!! We got a call from MMM about 6pm saying that they had given out vouchers for the "gift" and she wasn't close enough to get one, so instead of giving up she got in the line for the 4am gift!!

Photobucket That girl was determined to get it and wouldn't let a little cold stand in her way. Forrest agreed to come relieve her later that evening. This however changed our plan of heading to the outlets in Leeds at 10pm for some light shopping. He had gotten me so convinced that it would be fun and we'd get some great deals that I agreed to go by myself while he waited in line. What a bad influence!! I didn't know what to expect but I honestly had a GREAT time shopping! I got tons of great deals and had to leave because my fingertips were literally numb from carrying around all of my bags. Merry Christmas to all of our family--I worked hard for those gifts!! :) I pulled into town about midnight and picked Forrest up at the mall. Poor thing was frozen but MMM was coming to relieve him. We went home to bed while she stayed in line until 2am!! Photobucket She got the voucher and put it in our mailbox, and at 3:45am Forrest got up and took the voucher to the store, redeemed our gift, and was back home in the warm bed an hour later! Needless to say we were a bit lazy on Friday morning (although I did finish Gone With the Wind--I had never seen it!). Forrest's aunts all came to see our house since they were in town, and that afternoon I agreed to a walk. We couldn't stay out too long because we were hosting our annual Old Fashioned Piano Party that night! I look forward to this get together every year, as we always have a great time! Katie and Gusty and Jay and Claire came over and enjoyed a yummy dinner of Pastsio (a Greek pasta dish that I had purchased frozen at the Greek Food Fest this year--next year I am buying 10--they were amazing), salad, bread, and Katie's famous pumpkin dump cake. Of course, there was also lots of wine! Jay serenaded us on the piano and we did our best to pick fun songs to sing. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends, especially one that can play the piano by ear! :)
Photobucket The next morning we were up bright and early to head to the Alabama v. Auburn game in Tuscaloosa. It was a COLD day so we were all bundled up and ready for what surely was going to be a big victory. Auburn has struggled this year and Bama is excelling. I hate to see teams embarrassed, no matter who they are, but it is always great to beat your in state rivals. The mood in the stadium was electric and made for a great game, despite the cold! This was our last home game of the season, and it was especially bittersweet because game days as we know them are about to change. My sister will be finished with grad school and moving out into the working world, so next year we won't have a house to hang out in! Tuscaloosa problems, right??
Me and Jerrell Harris, former Bama player, now in the NFL!!
This may be one of the worst pics ever, but I think it is funny to see how cold and bundled up we were. Yes, Forrest has on a ski headband and I am wearing ear muffs on top of a hat. Classy. 
The next day we went to Mass and then headed to Birmingham for Italian Thanksgiving, with a quick stop in Leeds to make an exchange. I love our Italian Thanksgiving with my mom's family because it is so loud and crazy! Plus, we draw names for Christmas and that always puts me in the Christmas spirit! This year we have Stevie and Melissa and they are always fun to buy for!! It was also extra special because it was the first time for me to get to see Ashley and Jeremiah since they got engaged (although we did run into them at the football game and I got to see her lovely ring!). It was so much fun to hear about her plans for their big day!! That night we were a little Thanksgiving-ed out and Forrest had to keep catching me from dozing off. Looking ahead into December we have SO many fun things on the agenda and I am so excited! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you have a great holiday season ahead of you. Oh and PS--ROLL TIDE!! We are in the SEC Championship this weekend and if we win, it's back to the National Championship game!!

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