Friday, January 11, 2013

We're Goin' to the SHIP!!

It all started in July. I got a text from Justin asking if Forrest and I wanted to go to Miami for the National Championship, that is. Now, mind you, Alabama had yet to play a game for the season--they didn't start until September. Still, Justin had found a great rate at a hotel right near the stadium in which the game would be played that we could cancel. Why not??? We booked the room and settled back into summer. When football season started (in Dallas, woohoo), we were excited about the season ahead. We were losing most of the players on our starting defense and I just didn't expect that we would be as good as we were last year (when we won the national championship). Well, we beat Michigan in Dallas. Then, we kept winning. The talk of the Tide was high--it just might happen! Then, in November, we lost at home to Johnny Football (the eventual Heisman Trophy winner) and Texas A&M. BUMMER! I remember leaving the stadium saying "Well, we can cancel our room in MIAMI" and I also remember Forrest getting on to me. Remember last year, he said. Oh yeah right--like everyone ranked higher than us was going to lose and we would go to the national championship, despite a loss, AGAIN. That does not happen. Well, the next weekend, everyone but Notre Dame lost. OMG--it could happen. Then we played UGA in the SEC Championship game, and won, propelling us yet again into the National Championship game. We started looking into tickets and flights---and then reality set in. Unless we were willing to pay $1500 or more per ticket, plus hotel, flights, food, etc, we really couldn't go. I really couldn't justify paying that much money just to see a game that we might lose. We didn't cancel the room, just in case, and we waited. For what? A miracle--a ticket miracle. Skip ahead to the day after Christmas. I am ANNOYED because my dad decided we would work that day. We have never worked the day after Christmas and I was SO tired. However, since we were open, the probate court called and asked if I could handle a commitment hearing the next day. Sure, of course! So Thursday I went to court and as I was leaving, the Judge mentioned that a friend of his was trying to sell his tickets. He gave me his email address and I sent him a message, expecting him to want to sell for a crazy amount. Well, the ticket miracle came, and all he wanted was what he had in them, basically face value!! Are you kidding? WE'LL TAKE THEM!! Next, came the hard part. I had to ask Justin the name of the hotel and tell him that we were going. He and Farrah were SO excited for us! Then, about an hour later, I get a text from Farrah saying "WE'RE GOING TO MIAMI WITH YOU!!" Hooray! They didn't have tickets but they were going to try their luck at purchasing some outside of the stadium. Well, they didn't have to wait that long because the next day a local attorney offered them a pair at a great price and of course they said yes! We spent the whole evening at Bal d' Or screaming "We're going to MIAMI", a la Will Smith. Now, I'm sure you non-football fans think this is crazy, but going to the National Championship game was on my bucket list. When you are as big a football fan as me, it just about has to be! Of course, going to the game and WINNING was essential to getting to check that off of the list, and well, that happened too!! It has taken me a little while to get my posts from the trip finished so until I do, just know we had a GREAT time, and I would do it all again (even the grim parts) in a minute!! ROLL TIDE!!


  1. Adorable blog! I found you through Lauren at Lauren's Latest! I'm excited to be your newest follower!

  2. Thank you so much Elenie! I am honored to have you as a new follower! Hope you continue to enjoy the Dailies!


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