Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Healthy Heart Update

After my last post about getting heart healthy, I really have made an effort to put my plan into action! Here is my progress so far:

Blog post about getting heart healthy! 
Made plans with Kelly to start running together. Yay!
 Downloaded couch to 5k app.
 Ate dinner with Denise: salmon salad and la crema Pinot noir. (The Mediterranean diet, recommended for heart health, suggests eating lots of leafy greens(check) and fish(check) and red wine (check) and enjoying meals with friends (check). 
I totally rocked Wednesday!!

 Peanut butter crackers for breakfast (peanut butter is ok in the med diet because it has the "good" oils and fats in it. 
Lean cuisine without cholesterol for lunch with olives as a side (I LOVE olives and would eat them even if they were not "Mediterranean"). 
Cup of tea without sugar for snack (my body requires a mid afternoon snack--without it I will either faint or try to hit people). 
Dinner out with the girls for sushi. Had soup, salad, and roll ride roll (yes, I went there) along with more Pinot noir! 
Another triumphant day if heart health eating! 
I used this web site to know what to order when eating out.

Apple with peanut butter for breakfast.
 Lean cuisine without cholesterol and side of left over green beans for lunch. 
Snack of carrots, celery, and a baby bell cheese. 
Dinner with the parents at Los Arcos. The website suggested ordering chicken fajitas which I ate without the tortillas. I did sneak in some rice and beans which was not that bad (but not recommended), but I didn't eat the chips or any sour cream!
Dessert: Caramel rice cakes(I actually have always loved these)

Baked hearth healthy muffins and cookies for next week's breakfasts and snacks. 
Started day 1 of couch to 5K and did not pass out or die. 
Researched lulu lemon workout wear so I will look cute when Kelly and I start running. 
 Vegetable taco soup for lunch. 
Cheated at dinner with cheese burger and tots at Mom and Dads. The tots were bad (but oh so good). Red meat is frowned upon but so long as you eat it sparingly it is ok. I'm trying to only eat it when it is cooked for me, so tonight falls into that category.

Heart Healthy Cookie and muffin for breakfast
Completed Day 2 of Couch to 5k!
Won LuLu Lemon top on eBay! Now I'll look awesome when I run!
Vegetable taco soup for lunch
Bought fish oil vitamins--still haven't taken them because they freak me out 
Grilled chicken, salad, and strawberries for dinner

Heart Healthy cookies and muffin for breakfast
Lunch on the go! Chick fil A Chargrilled and Fruit Salad
NO SNACK (not good)
Dinner meeting at Mexican restaurant: chicken enchilada (again had some rice and beans but no chips!)

Peanut butter crackers for breakfast
spinach salad with olives and feta with grilled chicken for lunch
FAILURE of a snack: McDonald's apple pie and hot fudge sundae (in my defense, it was Fat Tuesday and I was giving up sweets for 40 days the following day--I think I get a pass? Maybe?)
Book club for dinner: another epic failure as I ate chips, several dips with meat, and other various treats. I let it all hang out for Fat Tuesday. I did have red wine so that helped some, AND dark chocolate!

(Ash Wednesday, and so I abstain from meat this day and all Fridays until Easter)
Muffin for breakfast
Veggie plate for lunch: mashed potatoes and green beans and a bite of fried green tomato (I blame the restaurant for this one--really, this is a veggie plate?)
100 Calorie pack snack (boo)
Ravioli with organic tomato basil sauce with white wine, mushrooms, and tomatoes (redemption)
Finished week 1 of Couch to 5k (wearing my LULU shirt I might add)

Ok so that was probably boring to you all but I was happy to be able to chart my progress and have you as my accountability helpers! I probably won't continue to update you in such detail again. I can definitely see where I have room for improvement, but I think I did great my first week!!

I also need to add that I am NOT a doctor, nor have I discussed any of this with a doctor so don't take this as the end all be all of what to do if you have high cholesterol. My bdff (best doctor friend forever) Mamatha says this should work for me, but not necessarily everyone. Before starting any diet or exercise plan please consult your own doctor, not me!

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