Monday, February 25, 2013

Selling the Car in the McDonald's Parking Lot

So, how was everyone's weekend? Did you do anything as sketchy as I did?? Let me set the stage for you. As you know (or you might not know if you are new!) Forrest was still in dental school when we got married so he drove an hour each way every day to get to class (a SAINT I tell you). He had a little accident one day which totalled his car so we had to get a new one. Some family friends were selling a Honda Accord with very few miles for the right price so we snatched it up. You can check it out here. The Honda was a great car because it was safe and got fantastic gas mileage. However, it was NOT so great because it was a value edition meaning it had NO extras whatsoever. No power mirrors, seats made of basically velcro that LOVED dog hair, no tint on the windows, etc. That was fine and all but once he started working he decided it was time for a new ride. Over the last weekend he showed me several cars online, did endless hours of research, and listed his car on Craig's List "just to see if he got any bites". He asked me to get his car title and draw up a bill of sale "just in case". On Friday night I'm getting the house ready to have Rachel and Isaac over for pizza and Forrest calls saying he has made a sale and can I bring him the documents to make it official. "Um, ok?? Where are you?" To which he replies "The McDonald's parking lot". Ok so here I go with my house half way ready, to bring legal documents to my husband in the McDonald's parking lot. I brought Ruffles for good measure just in case I needed any reinforcements (what I thought she was going to do is still beyond me). I pull up and there he was with a man looking at the car. They were even sipping soft drinks that they had apparently gone inside together and purchased. They are new best friends. Before I know it they are signing the bill of sale, transferring the title, and taking off the car tag. I kept waiting for the Feds to come rolling out of the building and the SWAT team to repel off of the roof. I mean, I know people do this kind of stuff all the time and that our transaction was totally legal, but still, selling your car in the McDonald's parking lot? Not my style. I keep waiting for the car to turn up in the news somewhere after have been used in a crime or something with my name (which was on the title)  splashed all over the headlines. If that happens please use this as my statement. Forrest and the buyer threw all of his junk into the back of my car and within minutes we are pulling out of the parking lot and heading home.
"Did that just happen?"
Uh yeah, it did.
What is Forrest driving today? After a very lovely evening of delivery pizza, salad, and red wine, we drove out to Duck Springs (where his family lives, like 25 minutes from our house) to pick up a car since they have an extra. I thought he would be driving their cute little SUV but no, they had the VAN all ready for him! I have to admit that van offers plenty of leg room and quite a smooth ride!

 photo 709D7FC3-F044-4A96-A5DA-1B71427371E8-1127-00000056D71A4EF8_zps896eafef.jpg

Now we are on the hunt for the perfect car for Forrest. Any suggestions? He's thinking maybe an SUV or even a truck since gas mileage isn't as big of a deal any more. We've looked at Jeep Grand Cherokees, Avalanches, Ridgelines, and gracious so many other things I'm losing track. Any help would be appreciated! Until then, we'll be the ones in the gold mini van sans children!

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  1. Very Funny =) We have a van also that was passed dow to us from my husbands parents

    1. Thanks Jennie! Glad to have you along at Bailey Dailies! Hope to hear some van stories from you soon!

  2. Keep the van! You know it's fun and great for a party!

    1. You are right Claire! There is so much space too! While we have it we need to pick yall up and go to the Waffle House!

  3. haha this story is amazing. of course you sold your car in a mcdonald's parking lot - why not?! haha. my fiancee actually drives a mini van too (very similar to that one) because it's his free car from work. it's nice to have all the space, but can't wait until he gets a fancier ride ha.

  4. We will go any night--Paul and Michael would be thrilled!


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