Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Springing Up the Place

After I called out Mother Nature here, she punished us with more days of rain and cold, but surprised me over the weekend with some SUN!! We took advantage of the opportunity on Sunday to totally revel in it. Forrest played tennis and I ran downtown with Kelly. I'm really loving our Sunday runs together and the fact that she doesn't mind following my couch to 5k program. I'm going to finish week 3 today! Go me!!
Afterwards Forrest did lots of work in the yard and I got some much needed things accomplished inside before parking myself in the sun with the dogs. Check out our springy-ness!

 photo 4FE80F44-7F97-447F-9E34-4E3926018AC7-1127-00000056DAA4AC02_zps91737c05.jpg

 First I need to say that I backed over this rake with my car. Forrest was cringing as he pulled it out from under my tire but it remained unscathed. It came with a lifetime guarantee that the handle wouldn't break...clearly I was just testing it out. Also bonus shot of the van in this pic.

 photo 0E4A8BE7-B0BF-427D-9734-37133504335C-1127-00000056C67CB7A0_zpsd224417d.jpg 

My floating arrangement!

   photo 799C3C7A-0AB2-4751-AEFE-44D4E8237A56-1127-00000056CD0B7704_zps998eb86d.jpgSo excited about spring fruit! It always brightens up the kitchen.

   photo 7895BC87-1445-4818-8896-150E2088CD22-1127-00000056D1E8A308_zpsfc7f4f78.jpgForrest added these snap dragons to our hanging boxes on the deck. They are so pretty! I love the soft colors.

   photo B649A6E8-5F1A-4F8D-AC9D-2CA159ED4E81-1127-00000056BB3A2568_zpse77f8117.jpg
Crazy looking moth. I'm pretty sure I just discovered a new species, as I've never seen this particular kind of moth before. Since I discovered it I get to name it: Mint Chocolate Chip

 photo 4C536A02-CD5C-4C3F-8129-06E5895FE0A9-1127-00000056DFBAE034_zps7633769a.jpg
  My Valentine's tulips are looking great in the pot by the front door! 

 What are your favorite things about Spring? Do you have any projects planned??


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! My husband might disagree with you, since it takes time to maintain, but we really do enjoy having lots of space!

  2. I love your floating arrangement, and I especially love your tulips! They are, without a doubt, my favorite flower.

    I'm a new follower, and I found you through Lawfully Lost. I'm excited to find new bloggers!

    1. So happy to have you along Casey! Welcome to Bailey Dailies!!

  3. I am dying to know which one of you drives the van!

    1. That would be Forrest. Although I did drive it to a party last night so he could tie his bow tie in the car. I have to say I felt pretty invincible.


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