Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Round UP

I don't really think that I need a post about our weekend because I did some separate stand out posts regarding the highlights. BUT, it just reals WRONG for me not to give a weekend recap so as a creature of habit, here we are. You already know about our blind date on Friday night, but you don't know that we attended St. Vincent's Heart Day on Saturday. Yep, after our fun Friday in Birmingham we went home, slept, and were back in Birmingham the next day for our tests. In February, St. Vincent offers 4 heart tests for $40, and since I'm working on my heart health, we thought it would be a good investment. First stop was the blood taking room. I thought I would be alone but alas, Jorge was to take my blood in a room full of people. I couldn't cry or act a fool so it actually wasn't that bad. Next it was time to wobble down the hall to have my blood pressure checked and an EKG done. Easy enough. The RN that read my tests said my blood pressure was "beautiful" and my EKG was "text book". Woohoo! Then he asked why I thought I had high cholesterol and I told him what my last blood test showed and he said "Oh, well girl you need to RUN". Good thing I had just started Couch to 5k last week!! Forrest of course checked out perfectly, as he is the picture of health. Afterward we were devastated to find our chosen restaurant didn't serve lunch on Saturdays (BOO to them) but we ended up getting lots of errands accomplished while we were in town. The traffic was TERRIBLE that day and every restaurant we picked had a 45 minute wait at 1:45, so we decided to just get something off of the interstate and call it a day. That evening we did church, Mexican with my parents, and then a DVD at home.
On Sunday I started running with Kelly! We completed day 1 week 2 of couch to 5k outside. It was chilly but it felt nice to run. Even though I was huffing and puffing sometimes, it was GREAT to run with a friend! How efficient! We got all of our chattering done while exercising! Who would have thought? Forrest played tennis with Kelly's husband Ben so the Baileys and the Carrs get an A+ in exercise for Sunday. For extra credit, Forrest and I took the dogs on a quick walk before dark since the weather was nice. Unfortunately our lovely walk ended in total disaster! Ruffles was chased by some big dogs that rolled her twice. I was screaming and she was screaming and Forrest and Sonny had to chase them away! Actually Sonny was such a brave brother as he growled and barked at the big dogs! Poor little Ruffles ran to me and I carried her the rest of the way home as she wailed. She wasn't hurt at all and I think the dogs were trying to play with her since she was running, but it was really scary! She perked right up when treats were offered so I'm pretty sure she will live. If that was any indication of what it's like to be a parent and see your child get hurt, I'm probably going to need to start preparing now. Wow--too scary!

 photo ruffandme_zps1f6a528c.jpg
How could anything want to hurt this precious angel???
We ended the night with shrimp creole (my request) at Mom and Dad's. Then I stayed up WAY too late reading Gone Girl. Anyone read that yet? I think I'm pretty late in starting it but I tell you it is addictive!!  photo gonegirl_zpsbc323849.jpg


  1. Where did those dogs chase her? Chris was running a couple weekends ago and almost got bit by a German shepard. He was pretty shook up by it. I'm glad Ruffles is OK. We just love our fur babies :-)

  2. We were on Wildwood. They were dogs that we know so I'm sure they weren't trying to hurt her but their playing got way out of hand. I know that German Shepard--Merit Springs??? He is SUPER scary! I won't walk that way any more!


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