Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter is Not a Victim-less Crime

Ok so I am sure everyone that that is in a much colder place than I will be mad at me for this post, but OMG I am so over winter. It keeps raining and on the days it doesn't rain, it is SO cold. Today actually is about 58 so hopefully the warming trend will continue right on up into the 80's--the only temperature at which I know I will be perfectly comfortable. Unfortunately, the weather forecast suggests that I am merely wishfully thinking--more rain and cold over the weekend! Lately down here we have had tons of rain and cold and wind, but we would have an occasional warm day like today. These warm days not only teased me into thinking I could get by with wearing pants with no "extras" underneath (tights, cuddle duds, fleece leggings) but they also tricked the early blooming trees and flowers into thinking it was spring and that they could start their flowery shows. Well, that trickery has resulted in many a death and I'm not too thrilled with it. The beautiful daffodils at my parents' home started erupting one warm day and since it was going down in the 20's that night, my dad had to scurry around picking all of them. They look lovely in the house but still--had the flowers not been tricked by the warm days, Mom and Dad might be able to enjoy the veritable sea of daffodils they usually have outside during March. Allow me to present more evidence:

 photo C30D390B-ED4B-4369-91FE-96D2EC97207E-3211-00000148D211C589_zpsaeeec8a6.jpg

This is the tulip tree at my parents' house. It started blooming unnecessarily around Valentines because of the sneaky weather throwing in some days of 60 degree weather.

Here is said tree today:

 photo 259B4907-1242-4E0E-BAC9-512EB9886524-3211-00000148A9118A60_zps537f041b.jpg

Dead Dead Dead.


Any of you experiencing crazy weather out there? I know us Southerners cry and complain about the cold during winter, but we love our summers, so hopefully no more weather related blog posts out of me for a while! Hope you are all toasty and warm where ever you are! I leave you with this:

 photo 36A0023C-5BB8-4586-85D2-E6F076DE02A9-3211-00000148F6BE8BE8_zpscba610a1.jpg

The reason we can't have plants in our house---the cats eat them. Needless to say, Forrest had to plant my Valentine's beauties outside over the weekend to protect them from being terrorized by 2 hungry (although I'm not sure why--I over feed) felines. If winter gets to these purple lovelies, I will get him.


  1. My cat does that too! I hate it! My husband never buys me flowers anymore because they get destroyed overnight. =(


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