Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Atlanta Craziness and Birthdays!!

I promised that I would tell you some fun tales about our weekend in Atlanta that didn't involve shopping or eating (well, everything I do involves eating so I can't promise that). Ok, so on Friday after my marathon shopping day at market I picked up the car at the hotel and drove to the convention center to pick up Forrest. Traffic was a little bad but I figured that was normal for Atlanta on a Friday afternoon at 4pm so I didn't really think twice about it---until we were stuck. Literally STUCK in downtown Atlanta. Every time I'd try to escape the traffic by turning a different way, I'd get trapped in again. I started to notice that several police cars were around and that several roads were blocked off. We were on the GA Tech campus by this time and I assumed that it had something to do with basketball since it is the NCAA tournament. I don't even knot if Atlanta is hosting any of the current rounds of the tournament but in my mind they were (since they are hosting the final 4) and I thought maybe one of the teams was practicing at GA Tech and they were trying to make their way to the arena (which was next door to the convention center where I picked up Forrest) so the road were blocked off. Makes perfect sense, right? I also noticed several helicopters buzzing around but they have those in big cities right? All I knew for sure was I ended up trapped on the campus of GA Tech for over an hour. Sitting. Starving. Thirsty. IN THE CAR. For over an hour. It was straight up misery. Forrest kept offering to drive because I literally would break out in tears over the steering wheel for 5 minutes at a time, but I wouldn't let him because he had to work the GPS and try to find alternate routes. I am no good at that--I'm just good at crying and driving. Finally, miraculously, we made it out and onto the interstate. NOT A GOOD IDEA!! It was just as crazy and they have like 6 lanes of traffic going each way and my frazzled nerves were in no mood to deal with all of that--except that I had to or else we would be squashed on the ATL freeway. When we came to a screeching halt yet again, I was revived by the good laugh that this truck gave me:

 photo 854392F3-431E-4F23-A89A-AFEB9B9B7C16-212-0000007A0077341F_zps45606db2.jpg

And that was that. I got over the traffic and Forrest and I just talked and laughed until we were out. Of course, this is a good reason that I remain a small town girl--no traffic for me please!! The very best part of getting out of traffic was getting to see my brother! He lives in Atlanta and is super smart and fun and is an engineering consultant. I'm not quite sure what that is but he is very busy and important (and single!!).

 photo 05D9A32E-1AA0-4695-9B51-6494C2C2E9CB-212-0000000BA5B41A8A_zpsce1e95d2.jpg
OK this is the WORST pic of me ever but it really shows how frazzled I got after the traffic event!

Ok, I lied. That was NOT that. Want to know why I was stuck in crazy traffic? Well a car apparently sped onto the road, knocking into a fire truck, which overturned and hit some other cars. The speeders ended up driving off and eventually got out of the car and ran. One of them even was shot by police!! (I didn't read or see this story, Forrest told me, so I may be a little off on my details, but this is basically the jist.). OK--so just to make it clear, I was stuck on the road while the police were running all around me trying to find these offenders--and they had guns!! And again, I was sitting STILL in the middle of this!!! Do we have that clear?? Maybe no more Atlanta for me, as this is the second time I've been wandering around in the middle of a manhunt totally unaware. Remember like 8ish years ago when a prisoner over took his jailer, shot up some people at the courthouse, escaped, stole several cars, and ended up with a hostage in an apartment building who made him breakfast and convinced him to turn himself in? Yeah, my dad and I were not only downtown when the manhunt was underway, but we also were in Buckhead at the same time he was stealing cars and shooting people. THANKFULLY, I have been safe in these scenarios, but OMG just thinking about it makes me so nervous!

Another ATL event was that the valet lost my car in the parking deck for nearly and hour, and that was pretty fun, let me tell you, except that I won't because it is boring!! I WILL tell you that we have been celebrating some birthdays around here lately and they need to be recognized!
First is Forrest's MOM! Hooray for Mrs. Bailey! We had a yummy lunch at Davis and Megumi's on Sunday after church. He made a delicious spaghetti sauce and I over achieved by buying a pie (I had no power for 4 days and then was out of town for 2, hopefully I get a pass??). I was in charge of the gift and I have to say I rocked that job!! Thank you Americasmart!!

 photo 149f8247-fe90-4698-8cbc-b885c33e56f8_zps9dd60800.jpg 
Sonny thought it was his birthday!!

 My Aunt Fran also had a birthday!! She and Mrs. Bailey are exactly 1 day apart in age, and their first born sons are also exactly 1 day apart. How totally crazy is that?? Since this is spring break in my town, my mom and I took my aunt to lunch at Bottega in Birmingham. DELICIOUS, I tell you! My lunch was so big that I couldn't eat dinner that night. I could have stopped eating and not been that full, but why would I do that???

 photo 1C400495-8B26-454E-99C0-C2AC7055BD1F-212-0000007B709CA416_zpsdee17693.jpg

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