Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Punked by Eli Manning...Again

Happy Happy Monday! It would be slightly happier if it wasn't pouring rain, but I'll take it considering it's really warm outside (although I will NOT take severe weather today). Anyway, enough about the weather; let's jump right into the weekend--or really, my Friday night. While Forrest was at home having dinner with some high school friends, I was hanging out in Montgomery with Eli Manning, of the New York Giants. At least, that is what I thought I was going to be doing. Weeks ago my sister invited my mom and I to be her guests at the Cancer Wellness Foundation event in Montgomery. The perk? Eli Manning was the guest of honor and we would get to meet him! Yippee! I love meeting sports celebrities so I excitedly accepted. And planned my outfit; and hair; and shoes--for the rest of those weeks. Now, it kind of took a lot of forgiveness for me to be excited about meeting Eli because of a little incident I will refer to as "Getting Punked by Eli Manning, Part 1". In 2003 my dad and I went to Oxford, MS to see Alabama play Ole Miss and who was the quarterback for Ole Miss? Eli. Ole Miss has a descent football team and some of the GREATEST tailgating ever, but I mean, we are Alabama, so I was convinced we would win (although we were pretty crappy back then, seriously). We sat in the end zone facing the sun (I remember I got sunburned even though I was wearing a sweater) on bleachers and we watched as Eli threw and ran ALL OVER US. It was terrible. We couldn't stop him. I was so surprised, which was probably dumb because he was awesome but still, Alabama fan, HELLO! When the carnage stopped at half time, my dad looked at me and said "WE are out of here". We marched ourselves to the side of the interstate where we parked--yes they do that there--it's pretty neat--and headed home. Boo. (Let me also go on record as saying I have never left a game that early, not before then, not after. Ever.)
Fast forward 10 years later and I'm back in the same "room" as Eli. I had decided to totally forgive him for 2003 and was so excited to get my picture taken with Super Bowl winner! Or so I thought. My sister was in Gadsden for an event Thursday night so I left work at lunch on Friday to go home and get ready with her. The fun part about getting dressed for an event with Miss Alabama USA is that she teaches you fun tricks with your makeup and hair and even puts this sparkly stuff on your eyes, but the not so fun part is that no matter how hard you try, she is going to look better than you. I mean, she has to, but still. Anyway, she got about a 20 minute head start and was settled in the VIP room in Montgomery when mom and I arrived. While we were freshening up in the bathroom, she calls me to say they only gave her one wrist band for the VIP room so we can't come in. Excuse me? No VIP? We went to meet her at the door and pick up our tickets to the dinner and she said we would still get to meet Eli in the dinner.  photo 12FDC741-D8FF-4BF1-BCD7-29EB03D0C39B-415-0000001929EE9276_zps55986a34.jpg 
Mom and MMM

Ok, whatev, so mom and I went and had a glass of wine in the hotel bar and waited on dinner. Turns out dinner was in a giant room (next door to the one in which I took the Bar exam--ick) and we were in the 2nd to last row. Not only did I not get to meet Eli, but I was so far back I could hardly see him. The evening was VERY nice and I hope that the Cancer Wellness Foundation made lots of money to help them continue with the great works that they do--seriously, check them out. I mean it. I just had been laboring under a misconception, and boy was I disappointed. I didn't care that I couldn't eat the dinner (it was chicken and since it was Friday and we are still in Lent, I wasn't eating meat that day) or that there was a big, delicious looking piece of cheesecake laid in front of me (again, still Lent and I gave up sweets); all I cared about was that Eli Manning totally punked me again!!! I told EVERYONE that I was going to meet Eli that night, and turns out I couldn't even get a descent pic of the jumbo tron that he was splashed on! Alas, maybe that will teach me not to run my mouth. Oh well, it was a really fun night for a tremendous cause and I am proud to have been a part of it. As for Eli, I have to hand it to him--it takes a crafty individual to outsmart me twice. Well played Eli, well played.  photo 17F19360-C6B5-40C8-AB26-63A892C7A638-415-00000019396494E6_zps0bbf8037.jpg

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  1. HAHA this had me cracking up... too funny! Sorry you got Punk'd :( Lol

    1. Thank you Samantha! So glad you enjoyed it! I am happy to have you as a BD reader! Hope to see you back soon!

  2. Too bad you didn't get to meet him! I must say though, you three McCord ladies are stunning!


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