Thursday, March 21, 2013

Highlanders Ball and PRIZES!!

Last year Forrest and I were honored as new members of the Highlanders Ball. Unfortunately, the dance was during Forrest's spring break and so he was skiing while I was being presented at the party along. This year I was really excited that he could actually go! We started the night with dinner at Justin and Farrah's--they actually fed me twice that day--once for dinner and once when I kinda almost passed out in their yard after my run. Next, it was off to the dance. This is one of the more fun dance clubs in town because they have a great "dancy" band. PLUS, lots of our friends are members so it is a great night of fun! I literally danced for 4 hours straight, and let me tell you it was some good dancing too! When the band (who was amazing) took a break they had an ipod hooked up playing "dance" music. I learned to wobble, which was pretty exciting, and one girl was dancing so much she had a wardrobe malfunction! What a night!!

 photo 72c149cd-3af9-4565-ac4a-547492747ec3_zpsef83e018.jpg 
I loved dancing the night away with these sweet girls! It got so serious, we all pulled out our flip flops!!
Kate, Kellym Farrah, Alie, Kelli, Me, Julie, Kelly 
(yes, that's 3 Kellys)

 photo CE1091E4-4823-4423-AF29-0DDAC72B89CB-415-000000195A3BA354_zpseabbb067.jpg

The fun part about Highlanders is that the male members wear kilts! Forrest's didn't arrive in time so he just wore his tux pants. Here he is modeling a table cloth!

 photo B291E6AF-1F50-4225-8793-AC96D1E31326-415-000000194982C9E7_zps6891a0ab.jpg 
This is before the 4 hours of dancing. There are no after pics. For a reason.

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  1. looks like a lot of fun! so cool that the men wear kilts haha. i love your dress too - you look fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Jackie! It really was a great night! I have to admit that I went out and purchased the curling iron that my sister uses for her pageants and I can totally see the difference in these pics! Thanks your your sweet comments!!

  2. You look beautiful! Sounds like such a fun night. Loving that Forrest is sporting a table cloth!

  3. The evening dresses are so beautiful.


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