Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Loving It!! GIVEAWAY!!

So this week I'm loving Calla Lilies boutique, a locally owned and operated women's clothing store in my town. Lucky for YOU, you can also order from them online here. It is co-owned by Katelyn and Ashley and BOY do they have a great selection! Not only do they sell darling clothes, but they also have over 100 pieces of jewelry in the store AT ALL TIMES! Their goal is to offer budget-friendly prices on fashion-forward clothes to all sizes of women. Now that is a business model I can get on board with! I was in the store the other day and purchased THIS darling necklace! 

 photo 04BD4F96-18C8-4AAB-A538-7EBCA2BF70AD-263-000001A2A3043E8F_zps9aade387.jpg

I can't wait to wear it with my spring clothes, although it really could be worn all year round! 

(PS don't you love my modeling? At work no less?)

 photo 571f1770-30a7-4967-ad9b-b04f16ade79d_zps9971134c.jpg

Here I am wearing the necklace at Birmingham Fashion Week! My sister said I looked cute so I really must have. 

What was even more super than getting this necklace for myself was that Ashley and Katelyn are offering YOU a chance to get one too! Hooray for free jewelry! All you have to do is enter the giveaway below. I know you want to! Especially since the necklace comes with a matching pair of earrings! Its like 2 freebies! 
 photo bb3e269d-9ae2-49dc-b24e-82489f6d5b49_zps2110dedb.jpg

Here I am sporting said earrings at the 9 0' Clock dance last Friday. Aren't they cute!?

Ok, so hurry hurry hurry and enter this giveaway so you can WIN and we can wear our matching necklaces together! Yay! Happy Friday!

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  1. I loooove this! I would wear it with a pretty maxi dress!

  2. I'd wear it with my black and white striped skirt!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. awesome giveaway! so fun :) the necklace is really great.

  4. You look so pretty in all of those pictures! Cute necklace, I hope I win! : ) I'd wear it with...I don't know, alot of things! : )

  5. Love it! Thanks for hosting. I hope I win!
    hmbrown85@gmail dot com

    1. Thank YOU for stopping by! Come again and good luck!

  6. Replies
    1. Good luck Kendall! When are you going to come visit me? It has been too long!!


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