Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Loving It!

As promised, here are some of the great finds I got at Americasmart (aka, market in ATL). Sorry for all of the random pics--this was my first time to pretend to be a fashion blogger and you can definitely tell. I think I will be investing in a tripod for any future fashion pictures!!

 photo 2F85D4CC-D02F-4BAE-AB5B-2A945DA45B81-949-00000056EE4611F8_zps0b0added.jpg
Here is me trying to be a cute fashion blogger while my mom was trying on dresses in the Galleria. I got the cute green skinnies at market and have already worn them 3 different times! I totally adore them!!

 photo 70C489AA-16CB-43FA-ABD3-8317D064C110-949-0000004A95D5D9C5_zps98c44b42.jpg
I started my jewelry run with this fun statement necklace in my "signature" color. Who doesn't love purple??

 photo 48C760CA-EC7F-4017-B718-1FB0B9E123AE-949-0000004A91A23B96_zps867b5ab8.jpg 
I had to get this pretty thing because Farrah has one in pink and I was jealous!! Actually, I really liked the cream and thought it would match lots of outfits. Plus now Farrah and I can swap!

 photo 57934513-6819-4a0f-9b03-60aeeca439f5_zps69aa00a7.jpg
When I saw this clutch I thought "VEGAS". I need to look super cute when we go to Miss USA and I think this clutch will help! It is really thin but opens wider than you would think so it will actually be functional. BONUS you get to see my cream skinnies that I purchased at market in this pic! Hooray! Also you can see that I am sporting my fave Kate Spade snow boots. Yes, it was so cold that day in MARCH in ALABAMA I felt the need to wear insulated snow boots. Go figure.

 photo 6362e952-4710-4517-8cd5-93f89d3cb712_zps00cbf839.jpg
This purse is so much more beautiful than it is in my sad pic. It is a rough material, more suitable for fall and winter, I feel. Of course I will be using this lovely at Bama football games when I wear my houndstooth coat!
Notice how I am justifying each purse purchase?

 photo 916d1b69-36f0-4ced-9d37-55678c047cc9_zps2f035ad6.jpg
I LOVE a cross body bag for shopping and traveling. They feel much more secure to me and typically I buy them smaller than my usual every day purse so they force me to take out the piles of unnecessary stuff I tote around with me and carry only essentials. This one was such a cute style and color I couldn't pass it up. Plus, it will hold a full sized bottle of water (I checked) when traveling and that is always a plus!

 photo 0415947F-970A-49CC-A58E-C358A26676C7-949-0000004A84DAF12F_zpsceccf386.jpg
Another cream purse, but it is DIFFERENT than the clutch! This purse is really beautiful and can hold all of my stuff, plus extras! It's almost more of a small tote. LOVE IT!!

 photo d40ff286-3e6d-48bd-9cdc-b275dae7e30e_zps7fbccbdb.jpg
Clearly I was loving some cream when I shopped. This collar necklace is just the perfect length, if you ask me, and can dress an outfit both up and down!!

 photo FDEDE57C-53DE-4BC0-94C3-8DDCB5D57890-949-0000004A70FB165F_zps435ac626.jpg
LOVE this bow necklace! Perfect for everyday wearing!! I wore it Tuesday and got so many compliments!!

On top of all this swag, I also got 3 scarves, 2 of which were gifts, and 2 pairs of earrings, which refused to cooperate for photographs. I also found Mrs. Bailey's birthday gift! Sorry again that you were subjected to my sad little pics, but I hope you enjoyed seeing my new favorite things!!


  1. I have that same bow necklace! I think I got mine from Forever 21 but I could be wrong. I always get lots of compliments on mine too. I love the green skinnys, I don't blame you for wearing them 3 times already! Good grief, you just made me want to go on a shopping spree!

    1. We can be twins and wear our necklaces! :)Hope you do get to shop!! Every girl needs a good spree once in a while!

  2. amazing stuff - you got so much! i have been hunting for mint green skinnys and haven't found the right pair yet - yours look great!

    1. Thanks Jackie! You always look so cute so it means a lot to me that you would say that!

  3. um, you are so cute. i love your outfit in the first pic!


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